A Workshop on Systematic Innovation for Business Leaders (SITIMC2011)

Venue: The Leela Palace

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Event Date/Time: May 13, 2011 End Date/Time: May 13, 2011
Registration Date: Apr 10, 2011
Early Registration Date: Apr 30, 2011
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Discover your Innovation Sweet Spot

Erez Tsalik
Director of Asia Pacific at SIT - Systematic Inventive Thinking at S.I.T
To achieve sustainable growth, organizations have to remain committed to innovation. Creating powerful ideas through the art of systematic innovation and overcoming your business challenges with the unique SIT methodology for ‘Innovation on Demand’ is the key to the business transformation you aspire to achieve!

About the Workshop:
This master class will introduce the SIT innovation methodology that has been proven and has helped hundreds of businesses turn innovation into their primary means of attaining necessary business goals and objectives, all the while raising personal employee motivation to innovate to new heights and elevating energy levels within the organisation as a whole.

The session will intrigue participants in the systematic innovation methodology that guarantees that anyone – anywhere can realize innovative ideas for the business. Participants will be faced with the reality of their own cognitive fixedness, which is most frequently the main personal barrier to innovation and will begin to understand the organizational mechanisms that are more often than not responsible for the blockading of innovative thinking within the business.

The session will be held in a dynamic and interactive mode – with exercises, applied thinking processes, and humoristic elements meant to provide a microcosmic example of how an innovative process should look and feel.
About the Theme:
SIT's method derives from the work of Genrich Altschuller, an engineer from the former Soviet Union. Through his exhaustive study of many thousands of patents, Altschuller came to see that creative solutions share common patterns, and, based on this insight, developed a methodology for generating innovative ideas. His method gained popularity in Israel in the 1970's, and served as the basis for SIT - Systematic Inventive Thinking.

SIT's method adapts Altschuller's ideas to make them relevant beyond the realm of engineering; today SIT is applicable to nearly any enterprise which requires innovative and creative thinking. Since the founding of SIT Ltd in 1996, the method has been successfully applied in hundreds of companies and organizations, across a wide range of sectors, and in dozens of countries.

It's hard to make an entire organization more creative; just consider how hard it is for any one of us, as individuals, to change the way we think. Organizations, like people, don't change overnight - especially when the change involves such hard work. But SIT's experience with over 500 companies has taught us that any organization that's willing to commit itself to doing so, can, over time, create a culture and practice of Creativity.

SIT for Organizational Creativity applies all the SIT tools and principles to your organization's specific business, team, materials, and issues, and helps your people to do their everyday work - and to undertake their most important projects - more creatively, and thus more effectively. The theme also based on the Harvard Business Review’s - Finding Your Innovation Sweet Spot –Now with ‘Ideal for India’.


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