2nd Annual Clinical Trials for Oncology

Venue: Boston

Location: Boston, United States

Event Date/Time: Sep 26, 2011 End Date/Time: Sep 27, 2011
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Clinical trials are the most expensive part of the drug development process – and those of you who specialise in the field of oncology know that the design and execution of clinical trials is becoming more complex than ever before.
But there is a growing field of knowledge and expertise, enabling the industry’s leading players to maximise the chances of their cancer drugs succeeding in phase III and beyond. Many of them will be at September’s Clinical Trials for Oncology conference – and many of the sector’s leading players will be presenting their work at the event.
This year’s event will focus on how you can bring your clinical trials in line with important developments in personalized medicine, targeted therapeutics and adaptive trial design. The agenda will show how the most innovative scientific concepts are actively being put into practice within the industry, enabling you to:
1. Understand how biomarkers are used in assessing drug effectiveness and accurately identify the biologically targeted sub-populations that will benefit from your treatment.
2. Know the regulatory and cultural requirements in various parts of the world, to take full advantage of the opportunities to run trials in emerging regions.
3. Drive patient recruitment and retention, expedite the ethics committee and contracting processes, promote the sites that are working efficiently and rehabilitate or close inefficient sites.
4. Efficiently test your combination therapeutics and prove that your drug can combine with other known toxic agents to have a substantial beneficial impact.

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