EMEA Talent Acquisition, Development & Retention Summit 2011 (EMEA TDR Summit 2011)

Venue: The Majestic Hotel 5* Gran Luxury

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Event Date/Time: Nov 17, 2011 End Date/Time: Nov 18, 2011
Registration Date: Nov 16, 2011
Early Registration Date: Sep 01, 2011
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EMEA Talent Acquisition, Development & Retention Summit 17th-18th of November 2011.

‘The Future Starts today…!’

Following the emerging economical and society trends, HR for the future has to be able to better connect to the emotions and values of people. The way people - especially the younger generation - experience their working life will continue to change significantly in the near future.

Analyzing the current situation one may argue that in an excess economy success comes from attracting the emotional customers and colleagues - not the rational ones. Instead of just focusing on the executions, organizations should optimize the management of their talent by inspiring, motivating and knowing what makes employees tick.

‘We need to understand what makes them mad, sad, and glad’: - Manfred Kets de Vries

As it is well described by Jonas Ridderstrale and Kjell Nordström in the book ‘Funky Business – Talent Makes Capital Dance‘ people have emotional need for art and poetry that industry doesn’t seem to understand yet. Looking at success of Apple can agree that contemporary business needs to start completing on the basis of feelings and fantasy, emotions and imagination.

How can HR build sustainable capability for the organization? To be successful in the 21st century we all have to practice infinitive innovation creating more value for all stakeholders inside and outside the organization.

Should a new HR approach use sensational strategies using ethics and aesthetics, creatively differentiating to attract and keep the best talent? As a company you get the employees you deserve and vise versa. If the organization doesn’t provide good role models why should the rest of the organization behave like good citizens?

Ken Alvares, Head of Worldwide HR at Sun Microsystems: ‘The goal is to keep people so busy having fun everyday that they don’t even listen when the headhunters call’.

We all know happy people do a better job, but how many companies have words such as fun and happiness included u their vision or mission statements? Providing people with dreams ….

The future belongs to the outlies – those that dare to take risks, break rules and make new ones. The future belong to those who seize the opportunity to create it. How can HR be more creative?

Attention must be paid to the simple fact that satisfaction of the employees is just not enough. We need to surprise people, we have to attract and addict them. Main task of a company will no longer be employing people, but offer opportunities rather then jobs.

‘We must be the change we wish to see in the world’ – Mahatma Gandi

The raising importance of better connecting with emotional side is evident, but what are the consequences for talent attraction, identification, recruitment & development? How can an organization adapt its employer value proposition and branding to remain attractive for the talent in the future? All these questions will be addressed in the EMEA Talent Acquisition, Development & Retention Summit held in Barcelona on the 17th-18th of November.


Passeig De Gracia