1st International Conference on Tourism & Technology (ICTT- 2011)

Venue: IIT- Delhi

Location: New Delhi, New Delhi, India

Event Date/Time: Jul 07, 2011 End Date/Time: Jul 09, 2011
Early Registration Date: Jun 15, 2011
Abstract Submission Date: Jun 15, 2011
Paper Submission Date: Jun 15, 2011
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Key Focus on Next Generation Tourism & Technology Solutions

The India’s premier institute IIT Delhi’s main objectives of organizing this Tourism and Technology Meet are:

Development & adaptation of appropriate technologies in the Tourism Sector.

Creating awareness towards the advance developments in the technology sector of the Tourism Industry.

To make awareness for the policy makers to get first hand experience of advance developments in the technology towards the tourism industry.

Evolving strategic technology management to integrate the Tourism, Banking & Insurance sectors.

Comprehensive review of the technology platforms available for the Tourism sector in relation to Banking & Insurance sectors.

To invite the Banking & Insurance sectors to incorporate their technologies & infrastructure for further strengthening of the Tourism sector.


IIT- Delhi
Dogra Hall, Main Auditorium, IIT Delhi campus
New Delhi
New Delhi

Additional Information

KEY PLENARY SESSIONS (a) Strategic Technology Management Sector Wise: Keynote on Technologies and Strategies •Tourism Industry •Aviation Industry •Hotel Industry •Travel Industry •Banking Industry •Insurance Industry (b) Advanced Technology Developments – A Concept for Policy Makers (1) Comprehensive Technical and Technology use in the Tourism Industry – Applications (2) Upcoming Changes in the Technology – Key Focus on Next Generation Technology Solutions (3) Basic Guidance in the Technology aspects involved in the Tourism Industry (4) How to prepare the amalgamation with the other industry domains i.e. Banking and Insurance (5) Specifically Designed Platforms for Banking, Insurance, Technology Sectors OTHER SESSIONS (a) Online Travel Shopping – Hotels / Airlines / Tour Packages / Train / Buses / Taxies (1) Looking Does Not Automatically Lead to Booking – An Analysis of Click streams on a Indian Travel Agency Website (2) Why Some Internet Users Don’t Buy Air Tickets Online – An Analysis (3) Extracting Room Prices from Web Tables – an Ontology-Aware Approach (b) Technology in the Destination Management Organizations (1) DMOs, e-Democracy and Collaborative Destination Management: An Implementation Framework (2) e-Learning Offers by Destination Management Organizations (3) Online Destination Marketing: Do Local DMOs Consider International Guidelines for Their Website Design? (4) Automated, scalable event capture and dissemination e-event management solution. (c) Adoption and use of Technology by Airline Sector (1) Use of Internet Applications and Tools by Airline companies in India: An Exploratory Study. (d) Technology in the Banking Sector (1) How the technology in banking sector can be utilized in the tourism advancements (2) How the new alliances can be beneficial for tourism sector development (3) ATMs can be used for selling Tourism Products (4) How banking sector huge infrastructure can be utilized (e) Technology in the Insurance Sector (1) How the technology in insurance sector can be utilized in the tourism advancements (2) How the new alliances can be beneficial for tourism sector development (f) Technology to be used by Airports, Hotels and Security Systems (1) Hotel Domain Name Adoption and Implementation (2) Technical Efficiency and Effectiveness in Hotel Sector (3) Analysis of In-Room Technology Amenities in Hotels (4) Advanced, automated video surveillance and analytics solution for hotels, banks and Airports. (5) Asset and document inventory management and tracking using Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID) technology applications to Hotels and Airlines industry. (g) Travel Distribution Channels (1) Indian Travel Agents and e-Commerce (2) Dynamic e-Shop (h) Social Media Marketing (1) Destination Marketing through User Personalised Content (2) The Role of Social Media in Promoting Special Events: Acceptance of Facebook ‘events’ (3) Adoption of viral Web 2.0 and Social Media technologies for improving user experience and effectiveness on online tourism, airline and hotel websites. (i) Online Search for Travel Planning (1) An Analysis of Search Engine Use for Travel Planning (2) Web Usage Mining in Tourism – A Query Term Analysis and Clustering Approach (3) Assessing the Dynamics of Search Results in Google (j) Mobile Technology in Tourism Sector and Optimum Use (1) Usability Guidelines for WAP-based Travel Planning Tools (2) Application of QR Codes in Online Travel Distribution (3) Evaluation of the concept of Early Acceptance Tests for Touristic Mobile Applications (k) Tracking Technologies in Tourism Research, Management & Planning (1) Effective tracking of tourists and key personnel using integrated Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID), GPS, Facial Recognition and Video Surveillance solution. (2) Advance Visitor Tracking Analysis in Practice (3) Monitoring and Managing Visitors flows in Destinations Using Aggregate GPS Data (4) Tracking Tourists in Historic City Centers (l) Assessing Travel Website & Parameters Evaluation (1) Indian Residents’ Perception of Travel Websites (2) An Instrument for Measuring Website Success (3) User Experience Risk Assessment Model (m) Online Branding / Goodwill (1) Quantifying Brand Values Perception in Destination Websites: A Design Requirements Perspective (2) Applying a Conceptual Framework to Analyze Online Reputation of Tourism Destinations (3) An Analysis of the Impact of Tourism Journals on Google Scholar (n) Sustainability and Inclusion through Technology (1) Latest Technology and Its Role in Sustainable Tourism Development (2) Exploratory Study on Contribution of Technology to Sustainable Tourism Development in India (3) eTourism for All? Online Travel Planning of Disabled People (o) Next Generation Marketing Plan in the Service Sector (1) Ways and Means (2) Corporate Connection (3) Technology Views (p) Technology and Service Strategy (1) Creating new ways of Technology (2) A historical Evaluation of ICT (3) Applying Technology to Services (4) Marketing Implications of the Intent (5) eSatisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaints (q) Web 2.0 in the Promotion of Tourism (1) A Comparative Analysis of Content in Traditional Survey versus Hotel Review Websites (2) An Investigation of Leapfrogging and Web 2.0 Implementation (3) An Investigation of Motivation to Share Online Content by Young Travelers – Why & Where (4) Web 2.0-style management of multimedia with video search and content extraction, adaptation capabilities. (r) Online Destinations (1) The Impact of Virtual Experience on People’s Travel Intensions (2) Attitude towards e-Solutions in a Small Tourism Destination (s) Use of green technologies that promote energy saving, usage analysis, monitoring and control. Industries: Hotels, Banks, Event/Tourism Centers, Airports, Insurance, Tourism Offices (t) Optimization of real-time IT data sensing technologies to prevent fire, water contamination hazards, insect & disease detection/control. Industries: Hotels, Airlines, Banks, Insurance, Tourism Offices (u) Adoption of Smart Infotainment and Digital Signage solutions to improve customer awareness and employee productivity and for generating advertisement revenues. Industries: Hotels, Airlines, Banks, Insurance, Tourism Offices