Academy of International Business Middle-East and North Africa Chapter Conference 2012 (AIB MENA 2012)

Venue: Zayed University, Dubai

Location: Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Event Date/Time: Jan 13, 2012 End Date/Time: Jan 15, 2012
Registration Date: Jan 10, 2012
Early Registration Date: Dec 20, 2011
Abstract Submission Date: Sep 10, 2011
Paper Submission Date: Sep 10, 2011
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You are invited to participate in the Second Academy of International Business, Middle East and North Africa (AIB MENA) Chapter Conference to be held in Dubai, UAE, on January 13-15, 2012. AIB-MENA is a professional, academic organization dedicated to serving scholars, students, managers, and consultants who are interested in advancing knowledge about the international business, and organizations operating in the MENA context.

As countries within the MENA region play an increasing important role in the world economy, the need to understand, explain, and guide the operations and practices of international business and management in the MENA region becomes more and more urgent. The conference’s goal is to provide a forum for scholars, industry professions and government specialists from around the world to present and be exposed to the latest research on these topics. The theme “Managing in Uncertain Times” reflects the challenges and opportunities businesses have in disruptive global market and should provide a broad scope for a variety of research that would contribute to the increasingly important knowledge on organizations and management in the MENA context.

Conference Theme: Managing in Uncertain Times
The dominant worldwide trend towards globalization has benefited many countries both economically and socially. However, globalization has impacted different groups differently. Since late 2008, the financial crisis began to roll across the world, the combined effects of the global slowdown and low oil prices have evidently affected the economies of the Middle East and North Africa region. Having recovered markedly in 2010, the economic outlook for the Middle East and North Africa is still highly uncertain given the ongoing political turbulence that is sweeping the region. At this critical juncture, the value of globalization is now being questioned not only by a few advocate groups but by governments and societies at large and the voices favoring de-globalization are becoming stronger than ever. On the other hand, the world is unprecedentedly interconnected through a complex web of product, capital, labor, and knowledge flows. Dozens of countries, thousands of companies, and billions of people have now become part of the world of international business. The critical question is to identify what role the Middle East and North Africa region play in the global community and the level of integration and development of its member countries.

As MENA moves beyond its initial economic success, organizations within the MENA region are aiming to transform themselves into competitive and responsible participants in the global marketplace. This signals a shift of developmental focus for both the governments and the organizations to prioritize innovation by harnessing human capital as the true driver for sustainable growth and change. The critical task every individual and every organization faces is to prepare for the unknown. During these challenging and uncertain times, the contributions of management and management research in business and organizations are paramount. The academic world is not isolated from the world of practice. As the world struggles with the new realities of this unprecedented financial crisis, conflict, environmental fury, demographic disparity, social media and ethics; management researchers, students and practitioners must pay attention to the role that academic theories may play in the world developments.

As one of the leading business and management scholarly communities in the MENA region, the big questions for the Academy are "Do we understand the nature and the impact of these processes and do we stand ready to help companies and managers to not only survive but also thrive in a post-crisis world? How can we as international business scholars contribute to resolving the current tensions by offering ideas or even solutions for minimizing the risks of globalization while leveraging its benefits?"

To address these challenges, we are inviting submissions in the following areas (1) International Business, Management, and Strategy (2) Advances in Economics, Finance, and Accounting; (3) Global Marketing Management and the Value Chain; (4) Management: People, Knowledge and Organizations (5) Education in the MENA Region (6) Business Case Studies (7) Student Research Colloquium.

In addition this year we are having 4 specialist tracks: (1) Entrepreneurship; (2) Tourism & Hospitality Management (3): Islamic Finance and (4) Operations Research, Security, & MIS. The popular student track is back for Bachelors and Masters students, PhD students are encouraged to submit to the regular program. The Case study track looks at business/practitioner cases. Each paper submission should be addressed to only one specific track (please highlight specialist tracks and case studies). Select the track closest to your proposal.

Important Dates for 2nd Annual AIB-MENA Conference
a.Submission Deadline: 10 September, 2011
b.Reviewer Deadline: 10 October, 2011
c.Manuscript Decisions Announcement Date: 1 November, 2011


Zayed University, Academic City, Dubai, UAE