ETFs & Indexing Investments Europe 2011 (ETF)

Venue: Comfort Hotel Tower Of London

Location: London, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Oct 17, 2011 End Date/Time: Oct 19, 2011
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• Strengthen your passive strategies with the industry’s hottest investment tool
• Gain true exposure to illiquid markets and alternative asset classes
• Bring absolute returns and reduced volatility to your portfolio with ETFs

8 Key reasons to attend:

1. Examine how ETFs can help you take advantage of illiquid and volatile markets. Join SCM, Robecco, Frontier, Aethra and Silk Invest as they show how they achieve exposure to fixed income, alternatives, commodities and emerging markets through ETFs.

2. Discover how ETFs can bring absolute returns and reduced volatility to your portfolio. Hear from Tideway investments on the rise of the active index ETF and the evolution of ETFs in TAA.

3. Investigate which is the best out turn for your portfolio – ETFs, swaps, mutual funds or futures? Join Frankfurt, Connectum and Davy as they discuss how, when and why they use the ETF product over an alternative investment tool.

4. Understand the real risk of what you are buying in the increasingly complex range of ETF products. Hear from Lyxor, Avana, C-Quadrant and IGS as they dig beneath the synthetic, active and fundamental ETF product range to uncover the true risk exposure to your portfolio.

5. Ensure acceptable spreads for your ETF portfolio. Hear John Godden, CEO, IGS, identify the implicit and explicit costs of ETFs.

6. Keep pace with the latest ETF developments and advancements in product. Hear from TCF, Octopus Tideway, Evercore and Debby Fuhr on what’s on the horizon for ETFs.

7. Find out why institutional investors are taking the first steps into the ETFs. Hear how LSR and other institutional investors are making use of ETFs in their portfolios.

8. Navigate the markets and find out how they will affect your asset allocations strategy in 2012. Global outlooks from Nouriel Roubini, Woody Brock and John Taylor, plus a full day dedicated to asset allocation strategies.

Key speakers include:
• Dr. Christoph Kind, Head of Asset Allocation, FRANKFURT-TRUST
• Richard Stott, Partner & CIO, Connectum Capital Management
• James Baxter, CEO, Tideway Investment Partners LLP
• Samu Lang, Director, Global Asset Allocation, Taaleritehdas Asset Management
• Hartmut Graf, CEO, STOXX
• John Godden, CEO, IGS Group

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Comfort Hotel Tower Of London
Chamber Street
City of London, Greater London E1 8BW
020 7481 4040


Chamber Street
United Kingdom