Leaders in Healthcare Talk Show (Healthsg2011)

Venue: Singapore

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Event Date/Time: Aug 27, 2011 End Date/Time: Aug 27, 2011
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1 million patients in your waiting room

A 2300% rise in healthcare costs in just 5 years is driving Singapore patients to look for cost-effective and good-quality healthcare options. Do they know what you can provide them?

The cost of healthcare for Singaporeans has gone up by a multiple of 24 within just a short 5-year span for the most common basic medical services.

With an ageing population, declining fertility rates, and a highly-stressed knowledge workforce prone to life-threatening ailments such as cancer, heart disease and respiratory issues, the Singapore healthcare market is booming. Patients with the strongest purchasing power in Southeast Asia are in need of your services - but do they know about you? Do they trust your brand?

Singaporeans’ foreign spouses and dependants’ medical costs in heavily subsidised Class C hospital wards increase by 400 per cent and Singaporeans’ PR spouses’ increase by 75 per cent (100 per cent by July 2011). The number of hospital beds in Singapore, has hardly changed – from 11,742 to 11,663, from 1999 to 2009, against a population growth from 3.96 to 5.08 million. Medical tourist market in Singapore has grown to 646,000 in 2008 and soon will be reaching 1 million.

Are you ready to provide Singaporeans’ healthcare needs?

The Leaders in Healthcare Talk Show is a high-impact gathering of Singapore patients and their families with the right healthcare providers, combining:
Interactive and personalised sharing of quality, cost-effective healthcare options
Professional benchmarking among the Asian healthcare industry leaders
Rational consideration of the merits of medical tourism among Asian countries

Find out more how you can join the talk show and:
Showcase your unique expertise and capabilities, to build awareness, credibility, and word-of-mouth referrals
Help key patient profiles and their families with timely information on healthcare options
Generate and nurture working partnerships with key regulators to facilitate care of Singapore patients

Contact the Leaders in Healthcare Secretariat:
Call +65 6844 2080
Fax +65 6844 2060
Email healthsg@arcmediaglobal.com
Visit www.arcmediaglobal.com/healthsg/

1 million patients are waiting. Can they count on you?