Fighting fraud in healthcare and social security – How to maximize results?

Venue: Qubus Hotel

Location: Kraków, Poland

Event Date/Time: Oct 06, 2011 End Date/Time: Oct 07, 2011
Registration Date: Oct 03, 2011
Early Registration Date: Jul 17, 2011
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Social protection systems in the European Union are designed to protect people against the risks associated with unemployment, parental responsibilities, ill health and invalidity, the loss of a spouse or parent, old age, housing and social exclusion.

Annual spending on social security benefits across the European Union totals thousands of trillions of Euros. The huge amounts of money combined with a great number of beneficiaries and specific ways of contribution or repartition make social systems vulnerable to error, fraud, abuse and corruption.

These are phenomena occurring in every sector, they know no boundaries and cannot be contained within national borders. Deception can take many forms, from forged receipts, illegal prescriptions and counterfeit medicines in healthcare to identity fraud, fictitious rights to social benefits and fake sick leaves. It is currently estimated that almost €60 billion are lost every year to fraud in the healthcare sector alone throughout the European Union. Other forms of fraud in social security take similar or even bigger proportions.

All of these losses are a huge drain on public money which could be put to much better use. Although social security and healthcare systems are different throughout member states, fraud processes share similarities and counter fraud and corruption strategies and methods are generically and technically speaking the same for both sectors. They can be compared and adapted to the respective circumstances. This is why we have chosen the occasion of this event to widen the scope of our conference and of our Network.

The conference will provide delegates with many different insights into the fight against fraud and corruption in social security and the opportunity to discuss and debate the topic with many leading experts from both Europe and elsewhere on the subject.

The conference is aimed at all people involved in the fight against fraud and corruption in social security, this includes top executives, experts and professionals who are involved in the processes of prevention, detection, investigation, sanction and redress of fraud and corruption in the sector. It is also open to members of the healthcare and social services professions who practice or have an interest in the fight against fraud in social security.

The conference programme is a combination of plenary sessions and break-out sessions.
The main language of the congress will be ENGLISH.

- Paul Vincke, EHFCN President
- Ewa Kopacz, Minister of Health, Poland
- Pawel Wojtunik, Head, Central -Anticorruption Bureau, Poland
- Prof Jozef Pacolet, HIVA, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium
- Karel Deridder, Director General RSZ-controle service, Belgium
- Stanislawa Golinowska, Uniwersytet Jagiellonski Collegium Medicum, Poland
- Didier Verbeke, Counsellor General, Federal Public Service (FPS) Social Security, Belgium
- Piotr Mierzewski, Directorate General III Social Cohesion; Council of Europe
- Wolfang Hetzer, IACA
- Andrew Pease, SAS
- Zbigniew Teter MD, Ph.D
- Anna Prochniak, National Health Fund, Department for Uniformed Services in the Central Office
- Ross Kaplan, SAS
- Eva Remerie, Accenture

EHFCN is the only non-profit organization dedicated to combating fraud and corruption in the healthcare sector across Europe, with the aim of improving healthcare systems for the benefit of every patient. The Network provides its member organizations with information, tools and a platform to exchange best practices and ideas, it promotes the development of common working standards and represents them towards European institutions.


Qubus Hotel
Nadwiślańska 6