How 4D visualization can drive nuclear plant productivity and safety in a post-Fukushima world


Location: ONLINE, United States

Event Date/Time: Jul 08, 2011
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wners and operators of nuclear facilities have always been focused on the challenge of avoiding project delays, reducing unplanned shutdowns, and enhancing safety in line with productivity.

In a post-Fukushima world, however, the challenge of anticipating and minimizing the impact of major plant incidents is an equally high-profile priority. When faced with the competing challenges of ensuring readiness to deal with major incidents, complex shutdowns and major capital planning, it is clear a new approach is needed to achieve these business-critical goals.

Thankfully, a virtual solution has been increasing in prominence which allows owners and operators of complex plants such as nuclear facilities a low risk, high return ability to visualize their plants in four dimensions and prepare not only for major incidents, but also build readiness for capital project management, maintenance and shutdown planning.

In this unique presentation, the developers of this solution share with you how other plant owner/operators are using 4D visualization tools to understand:

* How safety can be enhanced – and productivity boosted - during all phases of the project and plant lifecycle from design through to decommissioning
* What lessons can be applied to the nuclear industry from the aeronautical and automotive sectors
* What plant/product lifecycle management software can be used in design, simulation, manufacturing and maintenance
* How simulating in 3D and 4D allows you to learn how to operate the plant in a variety of scenarios via gaming and interaction
* Steps you can take to avoid islands of separate systems and information to manage all elements of a project’s execution


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