Cyber Power: The Quest for a Common Ground

Venue: Maxwell AFB

Location: Montgomery, Alabama, United States

Event Date/Time: Oct 26, 2011 End Date/Time: Oct 27, 2011
Registration Date: Oct 24, 2011
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Please join us at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, Alabama on October 26-27, 2011 for a conference on Cyber Power: The Quest for a Common Ground.

In a recent article in AFRI’s Strategic Studies Quarterly, Gen. Michael Hayden emphasizes the importance of having a common understanding of cyberspace: “Rarely has something been so important and so talked about with less clarity and less apparent understanding than this phenomenon. But few of us (myself included) have created the broad structural framework within which to comfortably and confidently place these varied phenomena. And that matters. I have sat in very small group meetings in Washington, been briefed on an operational need and an operational solution, and been unable (along with my colleagues) to decide on a course of action because we lacked a clear picture of the long-term legal and policy implications of any decision we might make…”

To address this problem, AFRI is organizing a symposium on threats in cyberspace in an effort to contribute to a better understanding of the structural sources of cyber security challenges, and to identify a common methodology that will serve as framework for identifying solutions and better informed policies.

The conference will serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences amongst cyber professionals from interagency, joint, industry, academic and international entities. This whole of nation approach will give particular attention to articulating and anticipating needs to foster a common methodology on which to base new style partnerships amongst relevant cyber security stakeholders. Register today to join today’s whole of nation approach in shaping today’s Air Force’s IT capabilities to allow every Airman to Fly, Fight and Win in Air, Space and Cyberspace!


Gen. John A. Shaud
Director, Air Force Research Institute


Maxwell AFB
Maxwell AFB
United States

Additional Information

Oct. 25: Golf at Maxwell Golf Course ($35 Optional) Ice Breaker at Maxwell Golf Shack ($10 Optional) Heavey h'orderves and drinks will be served Oct. 26: Registration and Morning Refreshments Welcome and Administrative Remarks Keynote and Q&A Break Panel 1: Data Needs and Structures Reducing national vulnerability to cyber attacks requires a common situational awareness amongst internal and external stakeholders defending the cyber domain. This panel aspires to identify what data needs are, and influence the eventual creation of a shared common data structures to ensure the unity of effort and understanding of vulnerabilities by all elements of national power. Lunch Panel 2: Enhancing Cognition with Common Analytics and Visualization Cyber situational awareness hinges on the ability to analyze complex data. A common analytical methodology emphasizing critical and creative thinking for understanding, visualizing and describing complex, ill-structured problems to offer decision makers the best approaches to resolving them. This will enable the most effective C2 of capabilities and forces. Putting complex data in visual form will allow for policy makers and decision makers to make quicker and better response decisions when confronted with complex multi-stage cyber attacks. After Hours Cocktails and Dinner Cocktails at the Capital City Club Dinner at the Capital City Club. More info TBA. ($40 Optional) Oct. 27: Morning Refreshments Keynote and Q&A Break Panel 3: Threat, Trend, and Target Assessment Methodology Cyber incidences can be for criminal, espionage, military, and other purposes. A common methodology on what constitutes criminal, espionage, military, and other cyber activities assists in assigning the appropriate authorities, resources, and type of response to each incident. This common methodology will help analysts across all services, government, industry, and allies identify the threat and trends, and the appropriate target sets from which the threat emanates. Lunch Panel 4: Policy and Law for Current and Emergent Strategic Uses of Cyberspace The lack of a common cyber methodology and lexicon has policy and strategic implications. This panel aims to inform a common framework to contribute to policy and strategy that will guide cyber enabled unified actions across the DIME to protect the Nation and promote its global interests. This panel will also identify the legal needs of achieving commonality, including in the development of global norms and international law. Closing Remarks