2012 Global Marketing Conference at Seoul (2012 GMC at Seoul)

Venue: Singapore

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Event Date/Time: Jul 19, 2012 End Date/Time: Jul 22, 2012
Abstract Submission Date: Jan 15, 2012
Paper Submission Date: Jan 15, 2012
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< 2012 Global Marketing Conference at Seoul >
I. Conference Theme: Globalization and Marketing Performance
II. Venue & Date: COEX, Seoul, Republic of Korea, July 19-22, 2012
Submission Deadline (January 15, 2012)
III. Co-hosts:
1. Korean Academy of Marketing Science
2. Japan Society of Marketing and Distribution
3. European Marketing Academy
4. International Textiles and Apparel Association
5. Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy
IV. Joint Symposiums and Invited Fashion Show
1. 2012 EMAC-KAMS Joint Symposium
2. 2012 JSMD-KAMS Joint Symposium
3. 2012 ITAA-KAMS Joint Symposium
4. 2012 ANZMAC-KAMS Joint Symposium
5. 2012 HIT-KAMS Joint Symposium
6. 2012 Invited Fashion Show
V. Sponsoring Journals: Special Issues and Section
1. Journal of Business Research (SSCI):
1) KAMS President's Choice Awards
2) Marketing Service Product Globally: Tourism, Hospitality, Financial Products, and Festivals
2. Journal of Product Innovation Management (SSCI): Product Development and Performance in the Global Environment
3. Global Economic Review (SSCI): Digital Revolution, Marketing, and East Asia Economies
4. International Journal of Advertising (SSCI): 'Marketing in New Media' and 'Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communication'
5. Journal of Global Academy of Marketing Science (SCOPUS in 2012): Globalization and Marketing Performance
6. Journal of Global Fashion Marketing: Globalization and Fashion Marketing Performance
7. International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research (SCOPUS): Asia Bridging the World
VI. Tracks: (44 academic tracks chaired by scholars from 15 countries.)
Marketing Strategy and Management, Interactive Marketing, Consumer Psychology, Personal Selling and Sales Management, Corporate Communication, Consumer Behavior, Channel of Distribution Management, Luxury Marketing and Value Management, Asian Consumer Insight, Retail Management, Global Fashion Marketing, Product Development and Industrial Design, Marketing, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, International Advertising, Marketing in New Media, Marketing Service Products Globally, Global/International/Cross-Cultural Marketing, Sport Marketing and Media, Marketing in Asia, Product Innovation and Performance in the Global Environment, Branding and Marketing, Social Network & Mobile Application Marketing, Japanese Perspectives on Value Creation in Marketing and Consumer Behavior, Consumer Behavior in the Service Industry, Intercultural Communication, Customer Equity Management, Ethnic and Minority Marketing, Technological Innovation and Future Firms, Public Policy and Marketing, Advertising and IMC, Marketing Education, Social Media and Luxury Marketing, Global Marketing and Web 2.0, Olympic Marketing, Consumer Neuroscience and Perspectives for Marketing, Global Business in Greater China, Brand Management, Consumer Apparel Needs and Fashion Marketing, 'Easternization of the West, Westernization of the East', Beauty Business and Medical Tourism, Identities, Desires and Global Marketing, Design Management and Cultural Marketing, Agile Marketing, Marketing in General.

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