3rd Annual International Conference on Cloud Computing and Virtualization (CCV 2012) (CCV 2012)

Venue: Hotel Fort Canning

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Event Date/Time: Apr 16, 2012 End Date/Time: Apr 17, 2012
Abstract Submission Date: Dec 09, 2011
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Cloud Computing is defined as a pool of virtualized computer resources. Based on this Virtualization the Cloud Computing paradigm allows workloads to be deployed and scaled-out quickly through the rapid provisioning of virtual machines or physical machines. A Cloud Computing platform supports redundant, self-recovering, highly scalable programming models that allow workloads to recover from many inevitable hardware/software failures.

A Cloud Computing platform is more than a collection of computer resources because it provides a mechanism to manage those resources. In a Cloud Computing platform software is migrating from the desktop into the "clouds" of the Internet, promising users anytime, anywhere access to their programs and data. The concept of cloud computing and how virtualization enables it offers so many innovative opportunities that it is not surprising that there are new announcements every day. The innovation will continue and there will be massive value created for customers over the coming years. Most technologists are sold on the fundamentals of cloud computing and it's a realization of the last 20 years of architecture development. The conference throws light on how to use cloud computing as a technical design center; how to take advantage of the economics of cloud computing in building and operating cloud services; and how to plan for the technical and operational scale that cloud computing makes possible. Virtualization is a huge topic, and this conference helps to understand virtualization concepts and technology.

The goal of International Conference on Cloud Computing and Virtualization is to provide a forum for researchers, academics, and practitioners to discuss all aspects of Cloud Computing.