Event Date/Time: Nov 07, 2011 End Date/Time: Nov 09, 2011
Abstract Submission Date: Aug 31, 2011
Paper Submission Date: Oct 15, 2011
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We offer interdisciplinary discussion which would allow us to apply new research perspectives, so we invite the representatives of various humanistic disciplines: literary theorists, media experts, sociologists, anthropologists, historians, cultural theorists and many other, as well people, who are attentive observers or initiators of controversial events. We are looking for scandalizing subjects in order to analyze, interpret and re-interpret them.


- Theory of scandal: definition, sources, functions (from contestation to creation).

- Borders of scandal - shock, fear, catharsis...

- Scandal from the historical perspective - evolution of the phenomenon.

- 21th century - an era of scandal?

- Scandal typology: moral scandal, religious scandal, scientific scandal, artistic scandal, 'academic' scandal, and...

- Rhetoric of scandal - scandalizing language / language about scandal.

- Scandalizing people - prom Xantippe to Lady Gaga, from Casanova to Hugh Hefner; psychology of a scandalizing man (e.g. artist, genius, celebrity, Internet hero, monster man).

- Scandal and culture(s), e.g. African culture, Asian culture and other; cultural differences, crossing the taboo.

- Scandal and media (Internet, tabloids, gossipy websites, forbidden advertisements, sex-tapes, trend towards scandal, values manipulation etc.).

- Scandalizing literature (e.g. 'Ruffian books', celebrities' autobiographies, works of M. de Sade, M. Houellebecq, Tropic of Cancer by H. Miller, Lolita by V. Nabokov, Nocnik by A. Żuławski, The Satanic Verses by S. Rushdie, The Piano Teacher by E. Jelinek, Chwila przed zmierzchem by M. Kydryński etc.); scandal and censorship, scandal and the readers' culture, psychology of the reader.

- Scandal as a literary theme (e.g. Dangerous Liaisons by Ch. De Laclos, Notes on a Scandal by Z. Heller, Disgrace by J. M. Coetzee, Sex and the City by C. Bushnell and other), scientific scandals (e.g. medical scandals) in the circle of literary inspirations.

- Scandalizing art / scandal as an artistic theme (painting, e.g. D. Nieznalska, P. Uklański, Chopin New Romantic comic book; music, e.g. Ivo Pogorelić, Madonna, Sex Pistols, Marilyn Manson, Lady Gaga, Doda, The Prodigy; theatre).

- Scandalizing films (TV series, computer games) / films about scandal (e. g. The Passion of the Christ, Nekromantik, Empire of the Senses, The Piano Teacher, Antichrist, gore, snuff, mondo movies; TV serials, e.g. Californication, Sex and the City etc.).

- Scandal in the context of queer studies.

Please notice that list of aforementioned topics does not exhaust the subject-matter of our Conference. Therefore, we encourage you to submitting your proposal.


pl. Nankiera 15, 50-140 Wrocław, Poland

Additional Information

The participants from abroad are exempted from conference fee. The organizers do not cover the cost of board and lodging. However, on the second day of the conference a banquet for the guests and participants will be held. Our website provides a list of ho(s)tels that you may use. Travel expenses will not be covered. The conference publication, constituted as the first volume of the series titled Taboo – Trend – Transgression, will be reviewed. Your text will be accepted for print after obtaining a positive opinion from the board of reviewers.