Capability Development and Skill Pooling for Oil & Gas 2011 (Capability OG)

Venue: Kuala Lumpur

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Event Date/Time: Oct 18, 2011 End Date/Time: Oct 18, 2011
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“We spend years to find that big discovery, but only have days to get the right skill pool? Got oil, no people – that’s where we are now.”

Do you have the PEOPLE you need?

Over the past five years, oil and gas companies’ portfolios have shifted towards ever more hostile, extreme environments in search of reserves, intensifying recruitment for talent with highly specialised expertise, and national oil companies (NOCs), independents and majors all plan to intensify recruitment efforts from 2011 onwards.

Does this sound familiar to you? -

“The concept of capacity and skill pooling is very timely and attractive. Nowadays, some of my HR friends are facing the same problems as I am: It is difficult to find the best talent due to talent war is very aggressive today. They cannot resist ‘resignation wave’ from the employees due to many things such as unhappiness with the compensation system, career ‘stuck’ situation or even unhappiness with their bosses. They face internal dilemma between the ‘X’ generation and ‘Y’ generation regarding the transfer of skill, knowledge and even corporate culture.

This whole process is DESTROYING step-by-step the company capacity which has a big impact on the company productivity and company adaptability.”

“Training and retaining tacit knowledge from the retirees is often a challenge but there are ways to get it. The way to solve this problem is to effectively manage the younger generation to achieve autonomy level QUICKER.”

You need employees who can provide the UNSTRUCTURED STRATEGIC DECISIONS for your highly complex operations, which can only be acquired through richness and wealth of interdisciplinary experience. But do your top subject-matter experts talk?

• How robust is your mentorship programme and how do you set this up effectively?

• How do you empower youths to exceed KPIs and reduce time to autonomy?

• Are we ready for the big crew change when most of our experienced technical experts retire?

• What are the industry’s HR leaders’ initiatives to ensure the same mistakes are not repeated and make oil and gas industry attractive?

• How do we capture knowledge and increase our intelligence density?

“We may have tools to sustain production and link disciplines together, but when your experienced people leave or retire, the problem goes back in a second.”

Capability Development and Skill Pooling for Oil & Gas 2011 (18 October 2011, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) convenes respected capability development, training and HR leaders in the oil and gas industry to discuss ways to attract talent, reduce time to autonomy and capture organisational knowledge to maintain your competitive advantage.

Join the congress and benefit from strategies that will enable you with:

• International panel offering global perspective on proven methods being used worldwide

• Collaborative presentation from line managers and HR specialists highlighting cooperation among departments

• Proactive steps and tested effective strategies instead of simple problem-orientated presentations

• More interactive sessions to exchange and compare best practices with colleagues from across the industry

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From the boardroom to the wellsite, from field discovery to decommissioning, develop the right approaches to maximise profitability in today’s volatile and competitive environments. Be present and be active at Capability Development and Skill Pooling for Oil & Gas 2011. Register at today.


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