Event Date/Time: Nov 18, 2011
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This SharePoint 2010 training class provides designers, developers power users and site administrators with practical information and labs that enables them to customize and brand on the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 platform using SharePoint Designer 2010. SharePoint Innovations SharePoint Designer 2010 Training environment is a real-world enterprise server development and testing farm hosted in a SAS 70 compliant datacenter.


1 Day

Course Outline

Most organizations implementing SharePoint want their portal or sites to reflect their branding and look and feel. This is often one of the first priorities for companies not only for public facing sites but for their intranets also. The goal of this 1 day, instructor-led training course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to complete SharePoint branding projects and make functional customizations to SharePoint 2010 sites. The course will focus on branding SharePoint sites and portals. You will also learn how to create custom themes, custom site templates and custom site definitions. Student learning will be facilitated through a combination of instructor presentations, real-world project and hands-on lab exercises. A sample company will be used in the labs to teach students how to apply SharePoint 2010 branding from concept to implementation in a typical environment.

Course Materials and Lab Environment

Students will receive a comprehensive course manual, which will include all presentation materials and lab exercises. The lab exercises are step-by-step and fully documented in the student workbook

Module 1 – SharePoint Designer 2010 Overview

SharePoint Designer is definitely not the grandfather's FrontPage. Microsoft has developed a powerful tool for customizing SharePoint sites. You can easily change the layout for an entire site through master page and style sheet customizations. If needed, you can also easily revert a site to its original template to undo your changes.
SharePoint 2010 Product Architecture and Best Practices
Explore the interface of SharePoint Designer 2010
Browse Site Pages, Master Pages, Lists and Libraries, Workflows
Browse Content Types, Data Sources, Entities, Site Structure

Module 2 – SharePoint Branding and Customization Overview

The technologies involved in SharePoint branding are fairly basic. HTML and CSS. Other customizations pull in the use of CAML, XSLT, JavaScript. Do you need to be an expert all of these? No. This module will introduce you to the common customization technologies as they apply to both branding and functional customizations such as custom side definitions.
SharePoint Site Design, WCM and Branding Overview
Adding and customizing Web Parts
Standard Pages vs. Web Part Pages vs. Wiki Pages
ASP.NET, Master Pages, CSS, Themes, Application Pages and Page Layouts

Module 3 – SharePoint Designer 2010 Data Views using XSLT Web Part

SharePoint Designer 2010 can be used to customize the view of that data to conform to user needs. Aside from manipulating the presentation of SharePoint data, SharePoint Designer can also make connections to and present data from external data sources such as databases and web services. In this module, you will learn how to use SharePoint Designer to work with internal and external data sources
Customizing pages with XsltListView Web Part with SharePoint Designer 2010
Condition Formatting with XsltListView Web Part with SharePoint Designer 2010

Module 4 – SharePoint Designer 2010 Site Branding Project (Real-world Project)

In SharePoint 2010 Microsoft improved the WCM offering in many ways, In this project you’ll see how to leverage SharePoint Server 2010 WCM to create content-centric sites as well as how to create a custom look and feel experience. What's a SharePoint branding class without an Extreme Makeover? The fun really begins as you get your hands dirty digging in and making some major changes to a SharePoint sites. Learn the tips and tricks of SharePoint branding, including customizing the master page file, page layouts and creating a custom cascading style sheet to completely change the look and feel.
Overview of Publishing Site Functionality
Integrating Master Pages and custom CSS files
Creating Custom Page Layouts
Brand a SharePoint Publishing Site with Custom Master Pages, HTML, Navigation, Page Layout and CSS
SharePoint Branding Best Practices


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