Using Financial Ratios to Improve Institutional Health

Venue: Online Webcast

Location: Online Webcast, United States

Event Date/Time: Nov 03, 2011
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Having a clear picture of an institution's financial health has never been more important to short- and long-term decision-making and planning efforts. The Composite Financial Index (CFI) is a proven approach to surfacing the most critical information for assessing and improving the financial condition of an institution.

Join us online to learn how to calculate your CFI and methods for applying ratio analysis to improve institutional decision-making and overall financial health.


This webcast is designed for an institution's financial managers, including CFOs, controllers, and budget directors.


This webcast is designed to help you calculate your own CFI and think through its implications for the future of your institution. Included in your registration fee is access to a set of worksheets designed to help you calculate your CFI.

After the first session, you will be encouraged to complete your CFI using these worksheets and send any questions and reactions to Academic Impressions and instructor Larry Goldstein (all information will be kept secure and confidential).

The second session will be highly customized to address the specific questions, concerns, and CFI results of participating institutions.