Event Date/Time: Sep 28, 2011 End Date/Time: Sep 28, 2011
Registration Date: Sep 27, 2011
Early Registration Date: Sep 08, 2011
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Social Media Summit
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You Don't Want To Miss This Event

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Learn from
proven visionaries, social media experts and
top-notched marketing professionals the key Social
Media and business trends that will change the way
you do your business. Whether you are a small
business owner, not-for profit or an independent
professional, if you want to get social media, email
marketing, SEO and video marketing working for your
business, then you simply must attend this full day
Summit. It is chock-full of practical, ready-to-use
solutions to help explode your business
growth...even in this economy.

style="text-decoration: underline;">Main Conference

face="Trebuchet MS">Keynote Speaker

face="Trebuchet MS">Email Marketing Expert

face="Trebuchet MS">Blogging and SEO Expert

face="Trebuchet MS">Branding Expert

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Author and Speaker

RealSure, Inc.

size="+1">Dave Yunghans

Regional Development

Director, Constant Contact



Consultant, Author, Coach

and Co-Owner of

International Properties and


Wells Schooley

Professional Speaker,

Trainer,entrepreneur, Coach and

Co-Owner of Dutch Springs


Stefan's Bio


Dave's Bio


Katerina's Bio


Jane's Bio


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Benefits of Attending:

  • Network with top
    East Coast business professionals

  • Learn from
    leading industry experts who are on the bleeding-edge of
    technology and business

  • Learn
    how major emerging trends in Social Media will impact
    your business

  • Discover

    the biggest Social Media mistakes that are costing you

  • Find
    out why ignoring Social Media is a death trap and how to
    get out

  • Learn
    about advanced strategies and cutting-edge tools that
    give you massive leverage

  • Learn
    how mobile applications are changing the way we do

  • Harness
    the power of blogging

  • Discover

    the keys to effectively using email marketing

  • Participate

    in powerful workshops where you will learn how to:

    • Drive
      more targeted traffic to your website

    • Attract

      and capture leads in your social web

    • Turn
      mobile marketing into gold

    • Combine

      online and offline networking into a powerful mix that
      will explode your client base

    face="Trebuchet MS">

  • and
    much more.

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size="+1">Early Bird Discount Price (Limited-Time Offer)

   Standard Ticket $65,
$50  - use discount code: KWPstand

  Preferred Ticket (incl. continental breakfast) $95,
$80- use discount code: KWPpreferred

Exclusive VIP Ticket (Continental breakfast,preferential
seating and an engaging lunch with the keynote
speaker(limited to 12 people))

$450, $350 - use discount code: