Get Together Conference: Technology + Humanity = Evolution? (GT2011)

Venue: The Wellcome Collection

Location: London, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Nov 18, 2011
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The Next Bigger Better Society Presents.... Get Together - 18.11.11

A conference about collaboration, creativity and curiosity

Welcome to the collaborative future of conferencing. Welcome to Get Together, a new type of conference aimed at getting the thought-leaders, the cultural provocateurs, the influencers, the shapers, together to collaborate on the modern challenges we face today. Whether its technology, art, history, culture, music, or any other area where we feel there is an area that needs debating, we'll make sure we include it.

The theme of our debut conference is "Is technology really helping us to evolve?". The question is routed in the idea of whether it helps, or it merely dumb down society, creating tension between opposing groups, and reducing our ability to be unique and think for ourselves.

Our panel of experts will help us to answer these questions, provide solutions and discuss the impact of technology on cultural change and evolution. We're pulling in Next Bigger Better Society friends, family, and personal favourites to talk to us about their views on technology's impact on our society.

We'd love you to be there, we'd love you to collaborate with us on making this a success. We'll reward your curiosity with an investment in the right venue, the right people, and the right subjects. See you on the 18th November and please, help us spread the word.

As part of the Next Bigger Better Society, we'll also be launching The Get Together Fund. A fund aimed at getting the UK's teenagers off the street. At a time of uncertainty, during a time when the government won't invest in the services that they need, its down to people like us to support the teenagers with the brightest ideas.


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