Wall Street 1-2-1 Event - Transforming the Financial Road Show Experience (WS1-2-1)

Venue: Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grand Lakes

Location: Orlando, Florida, United States

Event Date/Time: Sep 13, 2011 End Date/Time: Sep 16, 2011
Registration Date: Sep 09, 2011
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Wall Street 1-2-1 has pioneered an innovative approach to bringing together – in one place and at one time – 100 of the nation’s leading professional investment firms with the corporate executives of 125 high growth public and pre-public companies to achieve their respective investment-screening and market exposure objectives.
A Four-Week Financial Road Show Concentrated into Two Days
Hosted at a five-star luxury resort destination, each Wall Street 1-2-1 event features a series of four “One to One” sessions over a fast-paced, two-day period. During these highly energized meeting sessions, corporate managers have the opportunity to give brief, high impact presentations to literally dozens of invited investment firms. Each five-minute presentation is strictly timed and is limited to the use of only five PowerPoint slides in flipchart form. By virtue of this clever presentation format, investors can rapidly assess which of the featured companies are of interest to them and merit further due diligence and/or a follow-up meeting.
The day immediately prior to the start of the “One to One” sessions (referred to as “Training Day”), Wall Street 1-2-1 conducts an information-packed workshop for its featured presenters to help ensure that they are well-prepared and properly equipped to make the most of their face time with the investors. The workshop is led by our team of financial communications experts, who are accompanied by an interactive panel of select investors and investment professionals who provide meaningful advice and feedback to all presenting executives.
In addition, all Wall Street 1-2-1 presenters enjoy luxury accommodations, spectacular food in gorgeous dining venues, live music entertainment and the opportunity to socially interact and network with peers!
Companies presenting at Wall Street 1-2-1 are chosen after being screened, analyzed, scored and ranked by our Selection Panel comprised of business and financial industry experts. We are seeking to showcase only compelling, undervalued or undiscovered companies operating high growth businesses in both well established and emerging industry sectors.
The composition of investors and investment professionals who are invited to participate in Wall Street 1-2-1 events is:
• 45% Institutional Investors
• 25% Investment Bankers
• 10% Institutional Sales Executives
• 10% Retail Sales Executives
• 10% Accredited Investors
Wall Street 1-2-1 treats all of its invited investors to the following complimentary amenities and services:
• Luxury hotel accommodations at the event venue for two nights
• VIP hotel check-in service
• Transport to and from the airport, if applicable
• Five star wining and dining: breakfast, lunch and dinner during entire stay
• Unlimited refreshments and snacks during "One to One" sessions
• Live music entertainment at dinner functions
• Wall Street Journal delivered to hotel room each morning
• Concierge assistance for booking golf outings, spa treatments, tickets to local attractions, etc.
• Direct shipment of due diligence materials collected at the event to home or office
In exchange, investors agree to actively participate in a minimum of two of the four scheduled “One to One” sessions.
Too often during traditional financial road shows and conferences, investor audiences unfortunately suffer from the dreaded 'death by PowerPoint.' Common complaints about the typical corporate presentation include "it failed to inspire me," "it confused me," or worst of all, "it was like watching paint dry."
At Wall Street 1-2-1, transforming the financial road show experience begins with transforming how corporate management teams present their companies' stories and value propositions to investors.
In our "One to One" sessions, corporate executives are required to limit their presentations to just five minutes and to the use of only five PowerPoint slides in flipchart form. Since time is restricted, the primary challenge to this presentation approach is giving investors the right information that will both inspire their interest and compel them to request follow-up meetings.
To help ensure that our selected presenters fully optimize the time spent with each investor, Wall Street 1-2-1 has assembled a prized team of financial communications experts to provide one to one coaching and professional direction to each presenter.
Collaboration with a designated coach entails:
• An introductory call to review event preparation materials – to include the recommended message points to be included in the PowerPoint flipchart.
• Within two weeks following the introductory call, a follow-on call/go-to-meeting to review the presenting company’s presentation and talking points; and to confirm what due diligence materials need to be prepared for distribution at the event.
• No less than one week prior to the event, a call/go-to-meeting with the presenter to rehearse and refine, as necessary, the five minute presentation; and to review details relating to the event schedule.
• On the morning of Training Day at the event, conduct on-site orientation and one-to-one rehearsals with designated presenters.
In addition, Wall Street 1-2-1 will provide all presenters with access to a proprietary collection of educational resources to assist in the presentation preparation process.


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Presenter Registration Fee: $7500 (includes all meals and entertainment for up to 3 representatives of your company) Presenter Exhibit Table: $3000