Motivating Employees for Winning Performance - Webinar By TrainHR

Venue: Online Training Webinar

Location: Wilmington, Delaware, United States

Event Date/Time: Sep 28, 2011 End Date/Time: Sep 28, 2011
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Overview : Is there anything more important to a manager than having the ability to motivate others? Probably not. But having focused enthusiastic employees is the key ingredient to excellent client, customer service or patient care. Unless people care about what they are doing and are prepared to go the extra mile they will never be able to satisfy the rising expectations of those that they serve.

Theories of motivation abound. A closer look at all of them suggests more similarities than differences. So, it is not feasible or sensible to follow one theory only. Rather, as motivation is a science and an art it is necessary to scour the landscape and find those ideas that work for each of us knowing that our efforts will need to be sustained and flexible as circumstances change.

This workshop will cover the most current ideas on motivation giving participants real practical ideas that will work in any work environment.

Why you should attend: There are few topics more difficult to deal with than motivation. Why? Firstly, motivating others suggests that there is a parent-child relationship between manager and employee. In other words it is the manager’s job to motivate the employee and the employee has little responsibility to be self motivated. That is untrue and unfair. But as the senior partner in the relationship, managers have a responsibility to create the climate in which employees will want to stretch. Secondly, there are different generations that have different expectations and needs in the workplace - Millennials, generation X and Y to name a few of many that theorists have decided are different and unique. And, them there are people from different cultural, ethnic and gender background to add an additional complication to the issue. Motivating each generation and employees from such different backgrounds is challenging, to say the least. But making sense of it all is important and will be the challenge of this webinar.

Areas Covered In the Seminar:

Understand the basic principles of motivation
Apply these principles to their organization
Understand the challenges of motivating a new generation of worker
How to motivate different generations of employees
The power of engagement
The importance and strategies regarding recognition and rewards

Who will benefit:

Senior Management Team
Directors, and Administrators
Employment Managers
Training Director

Price List:
Live : $145.00
Corporate live : $595.00
Recorded : $195.00


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