Material Technologies and Modeling (MMT2012)

Venue: Ariel University Center

Location: Ariel, Israel

Event Date/Time: Aug 20, 2012 End Date/Time: Aug 23, 2012
Registration Date: Aug 20, 2012
Early Registration Date: Jul 01, 2012
Abstract Submission Date: Jun 01, 2012
Paper Submission Date: Jul 01, 2012
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MMT2012 is the 7th conference held at Ariel University Center, Israel and devoted to materials technologies. The nain topics of the conference are:

  • Metal technologies

    • Optimization of materials and processes in ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys, welding and other processing technologies;

    • Structure and properties of metal and slag melts: analyses and predictions of the phase diagrams, modeling of the thermodynamic and kinetic properties;

    • Simulation of the thermodynamic and kinetics of metallurgical reactions, phase interaction. 

  • Development of new materials;

    • Phase transformation, diffusion, physical and mechanical properties;

    • Design and production of materials with required structure and properties;

  • Study of properties of various materials. Techniques, ideas, generalizations.

  • Special technological solutions;

  • Coatings and surface modification

    • Micro-arc oxidation (plasma electrolytic oxidaion) technology;

    • Corrosion and erosion protection, abrasion stability etc.;

  • Databases and knowledge bases on material technologies and their implementation;

  • Advanced polymer technologies

    • Patterning with evaporated polymer solutions, self-assembly and self-organization with polymer solutions, structured polymer surfaces;

  • Wetting phenomena

    • Fundamentals of wettabilty, experimental techniques intended for investigation of wetting

    • Contact angle hysteresis: experiment and theory, spreading and super-spreading

    • The phenomenon of superhydrophobicity: experiment, theory, applications, electrowetting, superhydrophilicity

    • Wetting transitions, surfaces with a tunable wettability, modification of wettability with plasma, non-stick droplets, liquid marbles.

  • Interface phenomena at micro- and nano-structured surfaces

    • Micro- and nano-structured organic and non-organic surfaces, manufacturing, characterization and properties

    • Self-assembly and self-organization. "Breath figures" self-assembly

    • Biomimetic surfaces, gecko- and shark-skin effects

    • Soft lithography. Moth-eye effect.

  • Nanomaterials and nano-structures

    • Two-, one- and zero-dimensional systems;

    • Applications;

    • New materials;

    • Concepts and techniques.

  • Green Technologies

    • Domestic and industrial buildings, materials and equipment;

    • Alternative energy and energy saving;

    • Solar heating and air-conditioning;

    • Waste-water purification;

    • Waste utilization.


Ariel University Center of Samaria

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