Enterprise BPM

Venue: Dublin

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Event Date/Time: Oct 24, 2011
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In our pursuit to bring advanced BPM program to London, we are glad to announce the up coming 2 day Enterprise BPM Workshop leading to CPP Level 1 & 2 Certification in Dublin on 24 - 25 Oct 11 by Steve Towers - Founder of the Business Process Group.
What you will learn:
•How to uncover significant occasion for improving processes permanently.
•Four key 'hands-on' techniques that can be used and deployed immediately
•How shifting the focus to 'outside-in' can transform complex processes
•The means to redefine ANY process through the use of a proven, pragmatic method.
•How processes can be harnessed for strategic long term advantage
•How Performance Management can be linked to process to achieve successful outcomes.
•The importance of the Business Process Professional in guiding your business to success
What you will take away:
•SIX Hands-on toolkits
•Case Study Examples
•The Process Audit template
•Working pack and links to supporting resources
•Steve's latest book
•A completely new way of looking at process!
•CPP level certification 1 & 2
Join Steve Towers for an insightful 2 day workshop and bring your questions to discuss during the live Q&A session following the presentation.

Thanks & Best Regards
Evie Wilson