Polymer and Composites as Materials of Construction for Chemical Process Industries

Venue: Haldia Institute of Technology

Location: Haldia, West Bengal, India

Event Date/Time: Feb 03, 2012
Abstract Submission Date: Dec 26, 2011
Paper Submission Date: Jan 15, 2012
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The importance of a composite material is that two or more distinctly different materials combine together to form a composite which possesses properties that are superior to the properties of the individual components.
The composites industry has usually been perceived as providing specially parts at premium prices. Today however, composites are being reclassified from “specially” to “common” industry. The growth of the composite material development has resulted in lower prices without loss of properties.
As the value of fiber reinforced polymers became apparent and accepted in electrical applications and corrosive environments, these synthetic materials began to penetrate virtually every other market worldwide, from automotive and marine to primary structural elements of aircraft and bridges, medical uses, satellites and launch vehicles, specialized industrial machinery components etc.
Composite is still an evolving field of material science. Surveying the pathways to arrive at the present position, some important development in the field is expected. These will be associated with new composites, design strategies, materials technology, fabrication processes, resource management etc. These developments will advance in parallel and with synergy to allow composite to play an increasingly important role in engineering and process industry.
Composites are presently available at comparable costs in respect of traditional materials being used in engineering industry, especially when installation costs, maintenance costs and life cycles are considered. These may become the economic barometer while selecting the material of construction which steel and other alloy are enjoying.
It is expected that the present seminar on “Polymer and Composites as Material of Construction for Chemical Process Industries” will provide a platform to share new ideas and discuss the present status of the use of composites in industry with particular reference to chemical process industry. Experts from industry, R & D organization and academia will deliberate during the day and the organizers expect to draw a recommendation from the rich deliberation.

Papers are invited in the following areas for presentation in the technical sessions and publication in the seminar proceedings
• State of art technology on composites.
• Fiber reinforced plastics (FRP)
• Nanocomposites
• Design aspects – giving stress on the matrix and the fibre
• Fabrication Techniques
• Environmental effect on the composites
• Composite structure repairing
• Recent advancements
• Application of composites