Eating Disorder Teleclass: The first step to freedom from binging, purging & restricting. (Tel: Freedom from bi)

Venue: Teleconference from your home

Location: Broadcast from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Event Date/Time: Oct 05, 2011
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We know firsthand that it’s impossible to be happy and secure in life if one is stuck focussing on what they eat and weigh and have developed a variety of services and tools to help people transform their approach to food and body image, including counselling of course, as well resources, a web program, 3-day Transformative Weekend Workshops and our new monthly mini-workshops, as of Oct., 2011.
The CEDRIC Centre, gets calls from all over Canada and the rest of the world from people who can’t seem to access quality counselling from someone who really knows what they are going through and can help them overcome their particular eating disorder/s. Along with geographical location, finances, a person’s sense of privacy or state of readiness to seek counselling can also get in the way of receiving the help they need. It is with these people in mind that Michelle Morand has launched affordable, monthly Mini-Workshops in the form of teleclasses and webinars, which highlight segments from our effective Intensive Weekend Workshops.


Additional Information

Teleclasses take place between 5 and 7 p.m., Pacific Time and are $19.00 each, and 2 for $35.00. If you purchase both teleclasses and 2 hour webinar, the cost is just $68.00 for all three, and in four hours you’ll see clearly why you’ve been stuck and start to have a clear understanding of what you need to do to move forward.