Positive Money Conference “Its Our Money!” (“Its Our Money!”)

Venue: University College London - Anatomy Building, JZ Young Lecture Theatre

Location: London, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Oct 29, 2011 End Date/Time: Oct 29, 2011
Registration Date: Oct 28, 2011
Early Registration Date: Sep 30, 2011
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The way money is created is the root cause of poverty, debt, inequality, environmental destruction and most of our social problems.

It’s the design of our money system that guarantees a regular and ongoing transfer of wealth from poor to the rich, from the real productive economy to the financial sector, leaving the majority of us buried under a mountain of unpayable debt.

Our conference will be focused on:

- Why the current banking system is at the root of poverty, debt and inequality and how it accelerates the breakdown of the environment
- How regaining power over money can reduce these big social problems and unlock the funding for a transition to green and sustainable energy
- What we need to do to stop the big banks causing so much harm to society
- How the public, activists and other campaigns can help secure a banking system that works for society, and not just for the banks

More info: http://www.positivemoney.org.uk/conference/


Additional Information

Saturday 29th October 2011 9.30am - 6pm £ 27 http://www.positivemoney.org.uk/conference/