Event Date/Time: Jan 23, 2012 End Date/Time: Jan 25, 2012
Registration Date: Jan 22, 2012
Early Registration Date: Nov 18, 2011
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IDGA Network Enabled Operations Summit will emphasize the demands of the operator and how to rapidly deliver capabilities that provide a decisive advantage. US and Coalition forces must be agile enough to fight and win regardless of terrain, enemy force structure and tactics, or operational limitations. An agile force relies on battlefield commanders’ access to current, accurate and reliable information in order make informed and effective command decisions.
The goal of the conference is to provide battlefield commanders with access to current, accurate, and reliable information in order to make more informed and timely command decisions under any circumstances
Join us this year at the international home of network-centric thinkers and operators to obtain critical information vital to maintain pace with the industry. Specific themes of this year’s event include:
Creating and operating a secure, resilient, and reliable network to the tactical edge
Capability requirements for shared situational awareness and networked C4ISR
Joint service modernization efforts and current program developments

Who Will Attend:
IDGA’s Network Enabled Operations Summit assembles the most respected minds in the community with the sole objective of advancing the development of Net-centric Operations. NEO provides you with unparalleled networking opportunities. You will meet senior-level professionals from government agencies, military units, contractors, and technology service providers with the following responsibilities:
C2/C3/C4/C4ISR Executives
Systems Engineers
Government and Industry Program Managers
Research Scientists
Technical Directors
Policy Makers
Cyber Security Officials
Mission Command Leadership
BCT Modernization Leadership