Circulating Cancer Biomarkers

Venue: washington dc

Location: washington dc, United States

Event Date/Time: Jan 25, 2012 End Date/Time: Jan 26, 2012
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Practical Applications to Drive Drug Development and Personalized Medicine in the Clinic and cellular level leading to the discovery of an ever increasing set of circulating cancer biomarkers. Hailed as the ‘liquid biopsy’, circulating cancer biomarkers embody the future of non-invasive testing. The applications for this range fromscreening, diagnosis, drug discovery and clinical management.
But how are these biomarkers being identified? What technologies can capture and characterise them? How can they be utilized in the clinical setting?
Designed by industry leaders at AstraZeneca, Genentech, GSK, NCI and MD Anderson amongst others, the Circulating Cancer Biomarker meeting will address the key challenges being faced in turning these novel cancer biomarkers into practical clinical tools.
Attend Circulating Cancer Biomarkers and you will:
• Discover how advances in technology are moving the industry away from simple enumeration and into characterization of CCBs to give more informed decision making in the clinic.
• Uncover the potential of circulating tumor DNA as a predictive biomarker for cancer treatment response, helping you select the right treatment options for the right patient.
• Hear from the leading companies employing micro-vesicles as a prognostic tool for cancer and how you can learn from their expertise.
• Get a master class in the best practices for clinical trial design to make better use of biomarkers.
• Understand the importance of implementing biomarker statistics to increase the power of clinical trials.
• Explore current use of miRNAs as blood based biomarkers within breast cancer. How they can aid early diagnosis and treatment choices.
• Have the opportunity to be involved in frank discussions about how international collaborations can be used to accelerate the use of CCBs in the clinic.

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