Global conference on 2600 years of Buddhism (GCB)

Venue: Sarnath Varanasi India

Location: Sarnath Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

Event Date/Time: Nov 08, 2011 End Date/Time: Nov 10, 2011
Registration Date: Oct 30, 2011
Early Registration Date: Oct 30, 2011
Abstract Submission Date: Sep 25, 2011
Paper Submission Date: Sep 25, 2014
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Ever since the establishment of sangha 2600 years ago and commemorate the 2555 years of Buddhism a lot of information have been generated for use by the monks and lay Buddhists. It is imperative that the new technology developed is relevant to the needs of end users. A research based study is considered desirable to quantify the latest technology developed as information input and further count to output of Indian monks’ situation. It is also desirable to know precisely to what extent a researcher tries to understand the problem of monks, what source and channel does he use to get monks problem ? What are the sources through which he gain knowledge? How far his gain in knowledge is reflected in generating advanced technologies ? What are the methods and media does he use to pass on the new information about the Buddha, dhamma and sangha to the user agency? What are the constraints that act as a limitation factor to generate new way are some of the questions which would bring out answer to the effective functioning of the research system


Ven Bhate Seewalee Thero, Bhikkhu in charge and Joint Secretary Maha Bodhi Society of India Sarnath Varanasi 221 007 UP India
Uttar Pradesh

Additional Information

Why do Bhikkhu need training? According to the tradition in Sri Lanka the main method of entering priesthood is to ordain a person in his childhood. There fore they need an education system which should be able to with stand any impact coming internally and externally. Pirivena education is the accepted well known education system for Bhikkhus which is coming from generation to generation to-date. Pirivena means small university like schools which can accommodate and educate large number of Bhikkhus which was started more than 1000 years ago as maha Viharara. When the Young Bhikkhus grow up part of them are choosing Pirivena education while the others are pursuing the University education. Most of the Pirivena educated Bhikkhus lead a traditional way of life such as preaching Bana and chanting Pirith and conducting practice sessions of meditation to the lay people while they themselves cultivate their minds through meditation. Most of the Bhikkhus who are pursuing university education expect employment under the Government on the following subjects which they study in the university as academics. Some of the subjects are Sinhala, Pali & Buddhism, History & Archeology, Social science, Sanskrit etc. By working they expect a financially secured life to build their own temples mostly in the cities to serve the lay people better.