Retaining First-Generation Students: Strategies for the Classroom and Beyond

Venue: Online Webcast

Location: Online Webcast, United States

Event Date/Time: Dec 13, 2011
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According to recent numbers, nearly 30 percent of first-time freshman students attending college this year are classified as "first-generation" students, those for whom neither parent holds a four-year college degree. First-generation students sometimes require special attention to succeed in college, and research has shown that their parents are often unequipped to provide the necessary support. While much data is available on the demographics of first-generation students, few institutions have implemented comprehensive support programs to improve their retention and graduation rates.

Join us for a two-part webcast series that will focus on retention techniques you can apply inside and outside of the classroom. Drawing on the insights of two practitioners, this series will provide a comprehensive overview of factors that lead to first-generation success in and out of the classroom.


Student affairs and enrollment management professionals responsible for overseeing retention initiatives for at-risk populations, minority populations, and low-income populations will benefit from this webcast. Academic advisors and deans will gain valuable strategies for interacting with first-gen students in the classroom. The webcast content is particularly well-suited for institutions with growing first-generation student populations or those with little knowledge of first-gen students' special needs.