Sales Force Effectiveness Masterclass (MC0829)

Venue: Hong Kong

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Event Date/Time: Dec 08, 2011 End Date/Time: Dec 09, 2011
Early Registration Date: Oct 31, 2011
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• Acquire knowledge to craft a highly effective sales improvement plan for your company
• Able to focus on the critical best practices that will move the sales performance of sales people to an entirely new level
• Acquire the knowledge to remove the obstacles to creating a sales-driven culture that will consistently outperform the competition.
• Learn how to identify and hire candidates that will become top performers
• Modify your sales remuneration plan to drive significantly higher revenue and profit.
• Learn to quickly diagnose sales performance problems and correct them
• Acquire the knowledge to develop a sales system based on the latest sales best practices research
• Develop sales management skills to improve your effectiveness with your sales people
• Acquire the knowledge to strengthen your sales value proposition
• Learn how to raise the performance standards of everyone in the sales organisation and then manage to those new standards

• Research indicates dramatic opportunity for sales effectiveness improvement across industries.
• Sales people are spending 70% of their time doing things other than actually selling.
• Cost of sales is at an all-time high and climbing.
• Despite new CRM technology, sales productivity is declining.
• More than 50% of sales leaders rate their sales team performance as disappointing.
• 82% of B to B sales people cannot effectively use consultative selling techniques.
• Less than 35% of global corporations have a strategic go-to-market sales plan

The program will address the following sales effectiveness issues
• Best practices of sales management
• Assessing your sales management strengths & weaknesses
• Assessing your sales organisation’s strengths and weaknesses
• Assessing your sales peoples’ strengths and weaknesses
• Planning for developing your sales management skills
• Defining the critical competencies of Account Executives
• Techniques for recruiting & selecting top performers
• Developing star performers
• Retaining top talent
• Removing non-performing sales people
• Building morale and commitment
• Morale, motivation – Recognition, reward
• Building a career track for sales professionals
• Building a sales driven culture in your company
• Creating sales standards, policies and procedures
• Analysing your market
• Planning your go-to-market strategy
• Annual and quarterly sales planning
• Strategic sales planning
• Strategic sales management tools
• Developing sales support processes
• Revenue and profit forecasting
• Managing CRM and sales force automation issues
• Sales hunting and farming techniques
• Team selling
• Developing your sales team
• Changing sales behaviour
• Remuneration planning
• Building value propositions and a business case for buying
• Teaching consultative selling
• Designing an effective performance appraisal and management process
• Setting performance objectives
• Tracking and managing using a Balanced Business Scorecard
• Diagnosing and correcting sales problems
• Effective partnering with your marketing department
• New product launch techniques
• Sales coaching techniques
• Planning and leading effective sales meetings
• Managing difficult joint sales meetings
• Improving your sales team’s prospecting productivity
• Defining training requirements
• Evaluating training and development options
• Distance management and field coaching
• Global sales management – Issues and answers
• Designing a sales certification process
• Strategies for dealing with price compression
• CRM and sales automation management issues
• Aligning all company functions with the sales organisation
• Moving from product focus to customer focus
• How to create a customer information system to drive outstanding sales performance
• How to use the sales organisation to build brand strength and competitive advantage

In addition to the tools in the training modules, delegates will receive a Sales Management Toolkit consisting of 39 sales management tools. The toolkit is designed to help you with the following:

• Assess the current state of your sales system
• Develop a sales effectiveness improvement agenda
• Design key components of your new sales system
• Develop the standards and procedures required of your new sales system
• Manage the changes required to install the required sales system improvements


Hong Kong
Hong Kong

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