The Speed Traders Workshop 2011, Singapore (The Speed Traders)

Venue: Singapore Exchange (SGX)

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Event Date/Time: Nov 21, 2011 End Date/Time: Nov 21, 2011
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High-frequency traders have been called many things, from masters of the universe and market pioneers to exploiters, computer geeks, and even predators. Everyone in the business of investing has an opinion of speed traders, but how many really understand how they operate? The shadow people of the investing world, today’s high-frequency traders have decidedly kept a low profile, until now.
The Speed Traders Workshop 2011 opens the door to the secretive world of high-frequency trading, the most controversial form of investing today; in the name of protecting the algorithms they have spent so much time perfecting, speed traders almost never talk to the press and disclose as little as possible about how they operate.
The Speed Traders Workshop 2011, led by Edgar Perez, author of The Speed Traders, An Insider’s Look at the New High-Frequency Trading Phenomenon That is Transforming the Investing World, reveals how high-frequency trading players are succeeding in the global markets and driving the development of algorithmic trading at breakneck speeds from the U.S. and Europe to India, Singapore and Brazil.

"Perez illuminates the world of speed."
Brenda Jubin, Contributor, Seeking Alpha
"There is a new day in trading and speed is the key.
Edgar Perez is the poster child."
Eugene Steele, Managing Partner, Trading Rooms

Workshop Highlights:
The first and most comprehensive initiation to the world of high-frequency trading
Study materials provided by Edgar Perez, the author of the latest book on the subject of speed trading, and a well-known presenter in America, Europe and Asia
Latest update on high-frequency trading in the world and current regulatory initiatives
Techniques to detect high-frequency trading in the markets
Key enablers of high-frequency trading in the U.S., Europe and Asia
Proposed regulatory initiatives after the "flash crash”
Up-to-date review of the future of high-frequency trading


2 Shenton Way #19-00 SGX Centre 1 Singapore City, Singapore City 068804

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Venue: Singapore Exchange (SGX) 2 Shenton Way #19-00 SGX Centre 1 Singapore City, Singapore City 068804 Singapore Date & Time: Monday, November 21, 2011 from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (CT)