Parenteral Packaging Strategies For Drug Developers

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Event Date/Time: Feb 01, 2012 End Date/Time: Feb 02, 2012
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Drug instability. Safety and toxicological issues. You know that these are age old problems when you choose the wrong packaging. But now pharma are looking for new answers...
The parenteral drug market is booming, and these valuable drugs need packaging systems that ensure preservation of drug product stability, safety and performance. There have been many new developments in materials used to manufacture these drugs. Now, drug developers urgently need to implement radical new strategies, to ensure that any complications arising because of interactions between the drug and the packaging are discovered, and dissolved earlier on in the clinical development process.
But what approach can you take to evaluate packaging choice? How do you assess the suitability of your formulation with the drug delivery system and packaging material? How can formulation scientists, analytical chemists and packaging engineers work together more collaboratively earlier on in development? And will this lead to more informed decisions around packaging selection to increase ROI? How do you minimize extractables and leachables from packaging, and what are the regulatory expectations?
In short, what do DRUG DEVELOPERS need to consider when assessing the impact of drug delivery systems and packaging material on drug stability, efficacy and safety?
These are just some of the questions that leading drug developers Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Merck, Bayer, Baxter and MedImmune are asking themselves. Our first Parenteral Packaging Strategies for Drug Developers meeting will bring together a great mix of industry leaders from pharma, suppliers, the academic community and regulatory agencies to discuss challenges they have faced and how to overcome them.
What’s covered on the agenda?
1. Understand how to use packaging to stabilize the drug and minimize moisture permeation and oxidative degradation
2. Discover how to conduct analytical and toxicological assessments of extractables and leachables to enable safety evaluations
3. Build and develop cross-industry collaborative relationships to improve process and product development and increase ROI
4. Navigate the regulatory hurdles associated with adopting new packaging strategies and performing extractable/leachable assessments
5. Learn how to develop robust and intuitive parenteral delivery systems for biologicals and what impact protein-silicone interactions have on protein immunogenicity
6. Discuss the considerations for developing a stable formulation and how toassess the suitability of the formulation for the packaging
And much more, click here to download the draft agenda
Why attend?
• The Parenteral Packaging Strategies for Drug Developers meeting focuses on delivering cutting edge science and practical content to address the considerations of drug developers for testing and minimizing interactions between the drug and packaging material
• Meet and network with leading formulation scientists and packaging engineers from pioneering pharmaceutical companies, and leave the meeting with an array of new ideas and contacts to take back to your organization

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