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License Management

Today, License Management is one of the most complex and important tasks of IT administrators. With the License Management, which is part of the DeskCenter Management Suite Basic Package, you can reveal hidden costs and reduce risks for the company. An effective License Management can guarantee that you always have the number of licenses you really need by making visible inaccurate licensing.

We recommend our module Software Asset Management DNA for automated and flawless license detection, which is based on a comprehensive product detection database. With Application Metering, you can bring your License Management to the next level: it will show you what software is actually used, by whom, how long and often.

Cost Transparency

The DeskCenter Management Suite allows control and management of software licenses for operating systems and applications. After each inventory session, the email notification system informs the user about installation/de-installation of software products. A well organized license overview with many different possibilities to filter guarantees you flexible analysis for all licenses. This ensures a high transparency level and helps you to keep your expenses for software under control.

Swift ROI

Cost savings in hardware and energy are often part of the ROI-calculation. But one very important part is forgotten very often: the license costs!
This fact is even more important if it comes to the decision of the commercial viability of a project. Which license strategy will my company face? What license models are appropriate for me? It soon comes to six-digit license more or reduces costs. With DeskCenter Management Suite you can identify the basis that you need for valid decisions.

A new Experton-study evidences: Active license management saves up to 30% of you annual license and software costs.


You often purchase different licenses together with one software product which usage is limited in time. With DeskCenter License Management you can assign as many licenses as you like to one software product. Update permissions and services can be handled apart from each other if you bought them separate. Additional you can manage all upgrades that you have agreed by contract.

License types

To guarantee most flexibility, you can configure license types by your own. These license relevant characteristics (model and variety) and the calculation type are important for the license calculation. The license type is so not only simply information any more, now it is the calculation basis.

License Agreements and Groups

Often, there are different licenses for one application. License agreements can be partly limited in time. The DeskCenter System Manager meets these requirements and you can add as many license contracts for each software product as you like. To each contact you can assign characteristics and user permissions. If a contract is attached to a license, the licenses automatically inherit the characteristics of the contact.
DeskCenter Management Suite suports the creation of license groups (e.g. Office 97, 2000, 2003,2010 -> Office Select Licenses).

File Scan

Administrators often don’t have direct influence on license violations that are committed by the employees in the company. This happens if users install software products without notifying the IT staff. With DeskCenter you can effectuate configurable file scans. The administrator can also scan for MP3 or videos that are not allowed or block memory capacity.

Combination with Software Deployment

DeskCenter License Management is a very good basis for your Software Deployment. You can start installations with Software Deployment directly out of the license overview. All installed software products using MSI packages (install, repair, uninstall) are marked separately. A big benefits of MSI packages.

Product Information
rule-based product identifications
flexible rules for inclusion or exclusion
detection of applications
identification of license free software
too few or too many licenses and the validation status of the license are marked in different color
customizable file scans
management of drivers, freeware or windows updates
overview of all basic agreements
management of software products, licenses, upgrades, downgrades, updates and services
allocation and inheritance of user permissions (second use, multiple use, home usage)
customizable license types (per client, per user, per CPU)
restrict licenses for locations, departments and cost centers
management of product keys for assigned systems
assign licenses to systems and users (incl. the commitment period if the license)
control of all license certificates


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