Event Date/Time: Jan 25, 2012
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In spite of the vast attention paid to social media and digital communications, over 151 new magazines launched in 2011. Print is definitely not dead. However, you do have to aggressively compete for readers while at the same time meeting the demands of your institution.

Join us online to hear how you can transfix readers by transforming topics into stories. You will learn:

Creative approaches to defining and expanding topics
How to work with campus partners to identify captivating stories
Best practices in addressing specific topic requests


Editors of institutional magazines responsible for overseeing print and web published material from conception to delivery at all levels will benefit from the content and the creative brainstorming session with your colleagues.


In order to simulate the rich, productive interactions you have with colleagues from other institutions at an in-person event, this webcast will include a breakout activity in which small groups of institutions will collaborate by phone on a short activity, share results, and receive feedback from the instructor. More specifically, your group will discuss a particular topic submitted by one of your group members, and you will brainstorm ways to transform it to a story.