Neonatal Neurology: a special thanks to Marianne Thoresen

Venue: Villa Quartara

Location: Genoa, Italy

Event Date/Time: Mar 23, 2012 End Date/Time: Mar 23, 2012
Registration Date: Mar 20, 2012
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It is a great pleasure to announce the Neonatal Neurology: a special thanks to Marianne Thoresen meeting, which will explore and discuss a very specific subject.

Over the last few years neonatologists involved in neonatal neurology have focused their attention mainly on white matter disease of prematurity. Germinal matrix intra-ventricular haemorrhage (GMH-IVH) has not been extensively studied yet, although different ways of treating its complications are provided, varying from one neonatal centre to another.

A sensitive reduction of its incidence has been obtained compared to a couple of decades ago but a very likely increase is about to occur due to the increased survivability of babies at lowest gestational ages, who are also the babies with highest risk of developing GMH-IVH.

The meeting pits together the best researchers available in this field to discuss the different aspects of the topic: pathogenesis, ultrasound and magnetic resonance appearance, treatment of the post-haemorrhagic hydrocephalus and its impact on later neurological outcome.

Furthermore, it will present possible breakthroughs in the treatment of this disease, based on studies on new experimental animal models and clinical studies on very premature neonates.

We believe that Neonatal Neurology: a special thanks to Marianne Thoresen, will offer a unique opportunity to improve experience and knowledge on the subject of GMH-IVH; mainly for the extremely high professional profile of all the speakers, but also for the innovative schedule of scientific works, which will allot a long time to each talk, with a good time for discussion.

We are sure that attendants will be able to successfully network with colleagues and speakers, and that they will enjoy the overall quality of the meeting.