Event Date/Time: Sep 24, 2012 End Date/Time: Sep 27, 2012
Registration Date: Sep 26, 2012
Abstract Submission Date: Apr 02, 2012
Paper Submission Date: Sep 27, 2012
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The optics and photonics conferences in SPIE Security+Defence cross the divide between fundamental optical science and the application of the underpinning technologies in advanced defence and security systems. This is a unique symposium that will offer many opportunities to network with colleagues from a variety of disciplines in academia, industry, and government from all over the World, while addressing the new challenges that continue to emerge: network-enabled capability/network-centric warfare evolve; asymmetric warfare: military operations in the urban theatre; and peace-keeping.
SPIE Security and Defence will consider how the fundamental and emerging technology base is likely to be exploited in the future will be changing:
+ Unmanned/Unattended Sensors and Sensor Networks
+ Electro-Optical and Infrared Systems: Technology and Applications
+ Electro-Optical Remote Sensing
+ Technologies for Optical Countermeasures
+ Military Applications in Hyperspectral Imaging and High Spatial Resolution Sensing
+ Advanced Free-Space Optical Communication Techniques and Applications
+ Photonic Components and Architectures in Defence Systems
+ Millimetre Wave and Terahertz Sensors and Technology
+ Optical Materials in Defence Systems Technology
+ Optics and Photonics for Counterterrorism and Crime Fighting
+ Optically Based Biological and Chemical Detection for Defence
+ Quantum-Physics-based Information Security
With a European focus, this event attracts more than 400 attendees in the security and defense sector, and is collocated with the SPIE Europe Remote Sensing meeting, allowing you to also take advantage of the cross section of 600 attendees working in a technical area rich in solutions for the security and defence community. Explore new opportunities to collaborate with colleagues and potential new partners in industry, academia, and government from around the world.
Co-located Symposium – SPIE Remote Sensing
Two great meetings in one great location! Your registration fee gains you access to all the conferences in both Security+Defence 2012 and Remote Sensing 2012.


Additional Information

Exhibition: SPIE Security+Defence Exhibition 2012 Dates: 25 – 26 September 2012 Exhibition Overview: SPIE Security + Defence is the event that bridges the divide between fundamental optical science and the application of the underpinning technologies in advanced security and defence systems. AUDIENCE + Application and product developers + Design engineers + Project managers + Applied researchers + Technical managers CONFERENCE TECHNOLOGIES + Chemical and biological sensing + Infrared sources, detectors, and sensors + Lasers and other light sources + Cameras and CCD components + Displays + Electronic imaging components, equipment, and systems + Fiber optic components, equipment, and systems + Software + Electronic imaging components + And more... PARTICIPATION + Attendees 750 + Exhibitors 30 TECHNICAL PROGRAM + 10 Conferences + Over 250 Technical Papers Exhibition Dates and Hours: Tuesday 25 September | 10.00 am to 17.00 pm Wednesday 26 September | 10.00 am to 16.00 pm