Event Date/Time: Apr 24, 2012 End Date/Time: Apr 24, 2012
Early Registration Date: Dec 23, 2011
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Debates on HFT regulation, the changing role of market making and new ideas for high frequency trading will form the basis of this day.

Heads of trading, prop traders and head of technology will debate the infrastructure, IT and latency issues, with a special focus on complexity and latency. Join this focus day if you wish to learn about HFT, how to interact with it and what your competitors and counterparties are doing to take advantage of the ultra-low latency trading strategies.


Additional Information

AGENDA HIGHLIGHTS Creating effective & intelligent regulation for the newly emerging volatile high frequency trading environment: making markets fair & protecting the end investor The future of the trading world – looking at the profound changes in the markets, in our behaviour and forecasting for the future Looking at HFT as part of every day trading on every desk in every business Strategies interacting with high frequency flow in both dark and lit environments Debating the challenges of choosing and maintaining top trading infrastructure and platforms to gain competitive advantage and effectively interact with HFT Looking at the future of HFT in OTC swaps Debating the role of HFT in the market structure and the changes that are bound to come with the new regulation Assessing how exchanges are preparing for the increasing HFT order flow Building your technology Infrastructure to enable ultra HFT – paying only for what you need to increase performance Developing your own proprietary algos for operating in the new volatile environment: ideas for interacting with HFT Balancing latency, data access and energy in your trading model Achieving new advantages and alpha purely on trading: ideas and strategies Strategies for managing technical and trading complexity within HFT environment: how complex is it going to get for all market participants? Effectively using DMA in an HFT environment: risks, costs, benefits and disadvantages