The Fallacies Of Performance Appraisals And How To Overcome Them - Webinar By TrainHR

Venue: Online Training Webinars

Location: Wilmington, Delaware, United States

Event Date/Time: Jan 11, 2012 End Date/Time: Jan 11, 2012
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Furthermore, most instruments do not have indices to evaluate behavior problems that often undermine individual and team performance. The design flaws of typical appraisals will be discussed and potential solutions for better performance management systems will be offered. Learn the top ten reasons why appraisals often create more problems than solve. Learn the myths surrounding the annual performance evaluation cycle. More importantly, learn how to build a better performance management system. When designed properly, good appraisal systems help managers coach employees to increasingly higher levels of performance. Productivity improves when employees know where they stand and are given the right motivation. Discover how to identify the typical design flaws, human fallacies, false assumptions, and the misdirected goals of performance management systems. Gain insight on how to integrate progressive discipline, punishment, and reward systems within your overall performance management framework. Then get expert advice about developing better solutions to these common challenges.

Why you should attend: Every few years companies revise their performance appraisal system with hopes that the new system will be better than the old system. They hope that managers will actually do them and that employees will actually like them. Most often the latest and greatest system fails to meet its goal--performance improvement. Appraisals often pit supervisor against employee and create competitors of team members who vie for top rankings and the pay and other rewards that are tied to good ratings. Avoid typical pitfalls when designing a performance management system by building upon the right elements and eliminating features that create unnecessary conflict. Employees are often upset with their appraisal ratings and their performance typically will spiral downward due to the disagreement with their supervisor over the score. Many performance review sessions are tense and are often preceded with a great deal of fear and anxiety. The stakes are high for the employee when they know that their rating will determine their raise, however, they may be concerned that the ratings are unfair. There are many myths, fallacies, and design flaws associated with typical appraisals.

Areas Covered in the Session:

Why employees hate performance appraisal
Why Supervisors are afraid of giving difficult feedback
Typical problem with instrument design
How to remove bias from the appraisal process
Ten solutions for improving the performance appraisal process
Tips for giving better feedback
How to get employees involved in performance improvement

Who Will Benefit:

HR Managers
Vice Presidents


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