Stay Safe: Safety and Security Training 2012-1 (SST 2012-1)

Venue: Imperial Queen\'s Park Hotel

Location: Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand

Event Date/Time: Feb 20, 2012 End Date/Time: Feb 24, 2012
Registration Date: Jan 10, 2012
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Human Development Forum Foundation (HDFF) is a registered Thai foundation (non-for- profit) based in Bangkok specialized in training and leadership capacity building as well as safety and security for international non-governmental organizations. We believe that sharing security knowledge and improving security and safety skills of the executives and security focal points/employees of (inter)national non-governmental organizations will strengthen the work of humanitarian personnel in unsafe areas, thus contributing to the overall aim of reducing human suffering and aiding development for those in need.

In a world where the role of global (I)NGOs is increasing, the chance of life threatening situations for implementing personnel of UN organizations, aid agencies and other (inter)national non-governmental organizations is on the rise. HDFF understands that these staff members run an ever-greater risk of becoming victims of violence and conflict. Humanitarian work is endangered from various factors including petty crime, politically motivated violence, and war zones. Additional threats can include terrorism, working in restricted environments and natural / man-made disasters including traffic accidents etc. Consequently, being unprepared to act in these environments can jeopardize the continuity of aid operations, prolongs the efficiency and effectiveness of helping those in need and endanger humanitarian workers well being.

Consequently YOU need an “All Hazard Approach” to develop an “Ample Risk Management” (ARM) for your organization. Against this backdrop, HDFF has developed — in the context of the UN initiated program “saving lives together” — Stay Safe: Safety and Security Training which has been successfully conducted several times with participants ranging from Iraq to Indonesia. (2011-2 Stay Safe Training overview).

HDFF’s Stay Safe- Safety and Security Training addresses the management and security related personnel needs of UN organizations and (inter)national non-governmental organizations in South East Asia and beyond. The trainings are conducted by experienced culturally sensitive facilitators in an utmost participatory way.

Focus on all aspects of development work in risk areas, management and implementations of security plans, protocols and strategies
Focus on main security risks and how to prevent and/or to mitigate these risks
Improving security awareness and risk avoidance behavior as well as practical security management skills to handle personal and organizational security
Sharing best practice security management tools as well as already implemented and successful security concepts
Considering cultural/socio-political sensitive approaches regarding safety and security in Southeast Asia and beyond

Content of HDFF’s Stay Safe- Safety and Security Training completing the Ample Risk Management (ARM) :

I. Security Management
Leadership in crisis incl. roles and responsibilities of key personnel
Security Management Process mainly based on IFRC manuals

II. Situation Assessment
Context Analysis for staff, program and locations
Determining Risks / Risk Assessment

III. Security Planning
Risk Reduction Strategy/ acceptance strategies and others

Contingency Planning /Evacuation Planning
Standard Operation Procedures (SOP)
Security Briefings and Debriefings

IV.Incident Management
Incident Reporting
Incident Analyses
Incident Management/ Hostage incident management

V.Practical Exercises
Tailor made to participants’ needs & requests, focus on IED, mine awareness, urgent need of fire fighting and First Aid; HDFF has teamed up with Thailand Mine Action Center, Royal Thai Armed Forces and Bangkok Metropolitan Fire Brigade 3 as well as experienced trainers from UNDP, NPA, APOPO, as implementers during the practical programs


199 Sukhumvit Soi 22, 10110 Thailand

Additional Information

Registration Information: Registration form: please complete attached registration form and send it back via email ( or ) or fax (02 617 7020) Registration Deadlines: Early Bird 20 November 2011 / Deadline 10 January 2012 Registration fee: Early Bird 18,000 THB per person / 600 US$ / after 20 Nov 2011: 18.750 THB/ 625 US$ (NOTE: Fee includes lunch, refreshments & course material and documentation) Point of contact Dr. Wilfried A. Herrmann Ms. Elana Zygman: HDFF Office: Tel/Fax. 02 617 7020