Event Date/Time: Jun 25, 2012 End Date/Time: Jun 29, 2012
Registration Date: Apr 01, 2012
Early Registration Date: Mar 01, 2012
Abstract Submission Date: Jan 30, 2012
Paper Submission Date: Jun 25, 2012
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The goal of this conference is to bring together the broad, multidisciplinary community of researchers who are interested in the field of nanostructures and the opportunities for future high-impact science and technology related to such field. The Conference will provide a common forum for scientists operating in all the fields of nanostructures from their formation and modelling to their properties and applications. The conference will cover the physics of nanostructures at the nanoscale, new fabrication procedures of nanostructures with well defined size, shape and composition, and also:

large-scale patterning obtained by spontaneous structuring as well as local probe nano-patterning for size and position control of nanostructures;
theoretical and experimental efforts dedicated to a better understanding of the formation, evolution and organisation of nanoscale systems;
fundamental and new issues in nucleation, crystal growth, surface and interface atomistic mechanisms and electronic structure;
optical, electrical, magnetic and mechanical properties representative of the self-assembled systems; Novel properties induced by low scale nanostructures.

Finally, new insights on short-term and future/futuristic device applications will be of prime interest in the framework of this Conference.

NANOSEA 2012 will primarily focus on the following topics that are of strong current interest in fields of nanostructures self-assembling and nanopatterned substrate:

Nanostructured Materials
New materials and structures
Nanostructures classes
Quantum dots, quantum wires and quantum wells
Nanotubes and nanorods
Graphene layers
Nanoparticles and Nanoprecipitates
Nanoporous material
Very thin multilayers and superlattices
Local structure of nanostructures
Effects of local structure on properties in nanostructured materials
Quantitative characterization of atomic arrangements
Characterization of nanoparticle surfaces
Characterization of internal interfaces
Self-assembling techniques
Nanopatterning by lithographic techniques
Ion-beam lithography and patterning
Nanopore fabrication and Pore filling
Substrate nanostructuring
Co-polymer template
Surface passivation
Functionalisation and catalysts
Self-organisation and pattern formation
Thermodynamics and kinetics of nucleation and growth
Ab initio theory for spintronic materials and spin transport
Defects and impurities
Non-radiative and relaxation processes
Electronic and optical
Size dependent properties and transport
Structure, microstructure, and morphology
Novel microelectronic device
Nanoelectronic devices
Molecular devices
Nanodevice fabrication technology, characterization, properties and modelling
Photonic and photovoltaic devices
Chemical and biological sensors
Multifunctional spin devices
Magnetic random access memories (MRAM)
Other applications in medicine, biology, energy and environment...


Additional Information

Prospective authors are invited to submit a summary of no more than one page. The abstract (authors, affiliations, text and references) must fit into the proposed frame for reproduction. Underline the name of the author who submits the contribution. Prospective authors are expected to present their paper at the conference. Please submit your paper by email to nanosea2012@gmail.com