Joint ISFD-11th-RCBJSF Symposium (ISFD – 11th – RC)

Venue: Ural Federal University

Location: Ekaterinburg, Russia

Event Date/Time: Aug 20, 2012 End Date/Time: Aug 24, 2012
Registration Date: May 01, 2012
Early Registration Date: Jan 01, 2012
Abstract Submission Date: Mar 01, 2012
Paper Submission Date: Aug 21, 2012
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Joint ISFD-11th-RCBJSF Symposium

11th International Symposium on Ferroic Domains and Micro- to Nanoscopic Structures (ISFD)
11th Russia/CIS/Baltic/Japan Symposium on Ferroelectricity (RCBJSF)

The Symposium is held in the year of 30th anniversary of the Ferroelectric laboratory, Ural Federal University.

ISFD History:
The series of International Symposia on Ferroic Domains and Micro- to Nanoscopic Structures (ISFDs) is devoted to basic and applied aspects and modern trends in the field of ferroic systems. The scope of ISFDs covers in particular: 1) static and dynamical properties of domain structures and twinning in ferroelectric, ferroelastic, ferroic and multiferroic solids and in mesoscopic phases, 2) characterization of natural or artificial ferroic, modulated, relaxor or hierarchical domain-like structures by direct space imaging and diffraction techniques, 3) applications based on domain phenomena.

The symposia have been organized in even years in between International and European Meetings on Ferroelectricity: Volgograd, USSR (1989); Nantes, France (1992); Zakopane, Poland (1994); Vienna, Austria (1996); State College, Pennsylvania, USA (1998); Nanjing, China (2000); Giens, France (2002); Tsukuba, Japan (2004); Dresden, Germany (2006), Prague, Czech Republic (2010).
ISFD-11 Main topics:
• Static domain structures, twinning, properties of polydomain materials, domain engineering.
• Domain walls, interfacial phenomena, domain wall engineering.
• Domain wall dynamics, nucleation, switching, extrinsic material properties.
• Domain structures in multiferroics.
• Domain structures in thin films, size effects, ferroic nanoparticles.
• Polar nanoregions in relaxor-like materials.
• Mesoscopic structures in liquid crystals.
• High resolution, diffraction and nanoscale examination of domain structures.
• Theory, computer simulations and modeling of domain structures and domain walls.
• Applications of domain phenomena: optoelectronic devices, memories, ceramics, smart materials, etc.

RCBJSF History:
The first RCBJSF symposium was held in Novosibirsk in 1976 under the joint efforts of the honorable Nobel Prize winner professor Prokhorov (Russia) and professor Kobayashi (Japan). Upon the birth of this event, the following bi-annual symposia on ferroelectricity were continuously held in Kyoto (1980), Novosibirsk (1984), Tsukuba (1988), Moscow (1994), Noda (1998), St Petersburg (2002), Tsukuba (2006), Vilnius (2008), Yokohama (2010). A multilateral cooperation has then been triggered and established among the Japanese, Russian, CIS and Baltic scientists.

RCBJSF-11 Main topics:
• Ferroelectrics
• Piezoelectrics and actuators
• Relaxors
• Multiferroics
• Polymers, liquid crystals and other soft systems
• Domains and domain boundaries
• Imperfections: surfaces, interfaces and defects
• Bulk materials: single crystals, ceramics and composites
• Thin films and superlattices
• Nanostructures and nanoparticles
• Integrated ferroelectrics
• Phase transitions and critical phenomena
• Theory and modeling
• Infrared, light and neutron scattering studies
• Dielectric and microwave properties
• Structural characterizations
• Magnetic resonance and NQR characterization methods
• High-resolution imaging techniques
• Crystal growth

Vladimir Ya. SHUR, Ferroelectric Lab.,
Ural Center for Shared Use
“Modern Nanotechnology”,
Ural Federal University, Ekaterinburg, Russia.

Dr. Dmitry PELEGOV,
Secretary of the Local Organizing Committee
Ferroelectric Lab, Ural Federal University
51 Lenin Ave., Ekaterinburg 620000, Russia
phone/FAX: +7(343)2617436