Non Traditional ISR

Venue: Washington DC

Location: Washington DC, United States

Event Date/Time: Apr 23, 2012
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With the military’s ISR resources operating above capacity
there is a continued shift in focus to the utilization of non-traditional
methods of gathering ISR. Non-Traditional ISR (NTISR) has emerged to fill the
gap between the increasing demand for intelligence by commanders in the field,
and the amount of intelligence that traditional airborne ISR assets have
conventionally been able to provide. In addition to traditional ISR assets, there is
now an increase in focus towards the soldiers as intelligence gathering assets.
The Advanced Soldier Sensor Information System and Technology (ASSIST)
program is developing an integrated information system that exploits soldierworn
sensors to augment the soldier's ability to capture, report and share
information in the field. The ASSIST program's most important product to date is
TIGR, the Tactical Ground Reporting System.
In keeping with these developments, IDGA is pleased to announce the 3rd
Annual Non-Traditional ISR Summit – The premier NTISR event in the United
IDGA’s 3rd Annual Non-Traditional ISR Summit will provide the most up-todate
information on the latest NTISR advancements in technologies and lessons
learned from recent efforts and aircraft enhancements. This event will take a
closer look at military strategies for integrating ISR capabilities into existing
platforms as well as active operations in intelligence starved regions.
NEW 2012 FOCUS! Additions to this year’s summit include:
• Tactical Ground Reporting System
• Latest ISR integration strategies
• Advancements in Infrared Sensor Technology
• Latest developments in “Every Soldier is a Sensor” initiative
Don’t miss this opportunity to hear future needs of Non-Traditional ISR
straight from the decision makers themselves. Register today by visiting