2nd Annual Global Gas & LNG Summit 2012 (C1204GLGAS)

Venue: Grand Millenium Al Wahda

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Event Date/Time: Apr 23, 2012 End Date/Time: Apr 26, 2012
Early Registration Date: Mar 05, 2012
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Neoedge is proud to announce the 2nd Annual Global Gas & LNG Summit 2012. This summit comes after a successful roll out of its premier event in 2011 and has been one of Neoedge’s most sought after events. This year will feature key gas & LNG expert speakers from the global arena, sharing expert insights, views, perspectives and analysis of the best practices, strategies, techniques, technologies, and innovations in this ever changing energy market.

Key Themes and Topics:

 Consequences of the Japan nuclear crisis to the dynamics of global LNG trade, pricing and demands
 Increased demand, supplies and spot tradings; who are the key LNG market drivers?
 Linking shale gas with LNG to the rising gas demand for power generations
 Tapping into the prospects of offshore gas & LNG as a way to meet demands for power generation and it’s technologies
 Examining the geo-politics and socio-economics of gas & LNG prospects, development and trade
 Foreseeing and anticipating the future of gas & LNG trade movements with external elements – natural disasters, political unrest, economic changes and financial crisis
 Outlook of LNG projects for LNG import terminals and LNG carriers
 Examining patterns of oil pricing and its effects to global gas & LNG pricing today – will oil price decouple from gas price?
 Government’s role in encouraging more investments for exploration of stranded gas as well as governments evolving role in encouraging LNG’s growth
 Monetizing and commercializing stranded gas through small to mid scale LNG plants
 Possibilities of LNG as a dominant fuel source for merchant ships
 Security of supply in the open gas & LNG market
 Strategies in dealing with complications relating to spot and short term trading
 Importance of securing long term LNG deals to help cushion price volatility and to secure energy supply
 Common contracting issues as well as best strategies for contract negotiation from the buyers and sellers perspective
 Importance of strategic and successful partnership for long term gas and LNG developments
 Implementation of gas flaring level policies for producers globally
 Best practices for LNG design and processes of LNG terminals – a case study
 Developing innovative techniques to improve gas recovery
 LNG import versus gas pipeline import
 Identifying new transport and infrastructure solutions to cross border/country trading
 Gas to Liquid (GTL) versus LNG

Pre-Conference Workshop 23 April 2012 – “LNG Master Class”
By Nick Stranks, Director and Managing Partner, The Energy Contract Company & David Haynes, Principal LNG Consultant GL Noble Denton

Key Modules:
Module 1: Introduction to LNG and the Global LNG Environment
Module 2: Liquefaction
Module 3: LNG Storage tanks – Liquefaction & Import
Module 4 : LNG Ships & LNG Unloading
Module 5: LNG Import terminals
Module 6: Overview of the LNG Commercial Chain

Post Conference Workshop 26 April 2012 – “LNG: Fuelling the Future”
By Malcolm Johnson, Director, eMJay LNG Limited

Key Modules:
Module 1: LNG in Context
Module 2: LNG Supply potential
Module 3: LNG Market Opportunities
Module 4: LNG trading trends
Module 5: LNG Commercial Issues
Module 6: Prospects for the Future

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