The Gold Symposium 2012

Venue: Luna Park Sydney

Location: Milson Point, NSW, Australia

Event Date/Time: Oct 22, 2012 End Date/Time: Oct 23, 2012
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Description Australia’s only hard money conference, The Second Annual Gold Symposium, will focus on what will happen in the event of the collapse of the global, government-sponsored paper money system.

Australia is the world’s #2 gold producer and the Gold Symposium is a must-attend for anyone who wants to understand what’s happening in gold and silver, and why. This is also an opportunity to hear from gold mining companies about their projects and prospects for growth.

The 2-day event will be held at Sydney’s Luna Park on 14 and 15 November 2011, featuring presentations by world-renowned precious metals and monetary experts and gold mining company CEOs. No other event offers this combination in Australia. It’s what you need to understand the ongoing global monetary crisis, make the right investment decisions in this still largely ignored sector, and get in before the rush.

To register for this not to be missed event click here. The early bird price for the full two days is only $199 and includes access to all keynote presentations and company presentations, morning and afternoon tea, lunch and the network function on Monday 14th November.

Join internationally recognised experts as they discuss the nature of money and the status of the current system; why the system has reached its limits; and what investors can do about it.

Hear from experts on:

- The nature of money and why gold and silver are money
- How long will the gold bull market last and what will the top look like?
- How to preserve your wealth with gold and silver bullion
- Why digital gold will replace today’s paper-based banking system
- How to leverage increases in precious metals prices through ownership of mining stocks
- The ‘unseen crash’ of Australian property when priced in ounces of gold and silver

Mainstream sources continue to tell us that the current system is sustainable and the problems of the global financial crisis have been fixed. Rising gold and silver prices in the face of growing currency and stock market volatility, and sovereign debt problems tell a different story. Gold is reasserting itself as the preferred legal tender.

"Fiat money has no place to go but gold." Alan Greenspan, 15 September 2010.
Additional Information WHO SHOULD ATTEND
- Private and strategic investors keen to learn more about the emerging trends for Gold
- Financial institutions and stock-broking firms
- Exploration and gold mining companies that presented their profiles at the Roadshow the
day before
- Institutions, fund managers, financial advisers and financial analysts looking to invest in
the sector or simply be better informed and;
- Universities and associations that are keen to understand the changing nature of the
industry and where we might be headed.

Hosted By Symposium

Symposium connects Australian resource and energy companies to domestic and international investors via specifically focused events. Symposium prides itself on delivering outstanding value to clients, whether they are speakers or attendees. From monthly roadshows to annual national and international conferences, Symposium events showcase Australia’s resources industry, raise awareness of the sector and create mutually beneficial business partnerships. Symposium provides a range of invaluable presentation platforms for mining, coal, oil, gas and other energy-related businesses to present to and engage with potential investors. The Gold Symposium is one of our specific commodity-focused events aimed at helping all of us better understand some of the issues that may face us as we move forward.


Additional Information

for more information, or registration please contact to (02 9299 4350)