Event Date/Time: May 08, 2012 End Date/Time: May 09, 2012
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I. Government Needs, Initiatives, Opportunities and Challenges
MS. DAWN MEYERRIECKS, Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Acquisition and Technology, (ODNI)
“Data Analytics and the Intelligence Mission”


“Air Force Perspectives and Initiatives”
MR. ROBERT MARLIN, Deputy Director of ISR, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, USAF

“Navy Perspectives and Initiatives”
REAR ADMIRAL WILLIAM LEIGHER, Director of Program Integration for Information Dominance, US Navy (invited)

“Army Perspectives and Initiatives”
MS. LYNN SCHNURR, Senior Technical Advisor, Army Intelligence Chief Information Officer, G-2

“DCGS-A and Data Analytics”
COLONEL CHARLES WELLS, Project Manager, Distributed Common Ground System – Army (DCGS-A)

“NGA Perspectives and Initiatives”
MS. LISA SPURIA, Director, Analysis and Production, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) (tentative)

“NITRD Big Data Initiatives”
MS. WENDY WIGEN, Coordinator, Big Data Analytics, National Coordination Office for Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD)

II. INTEL, GEOINT, and Video Analysis and Exploitation
GENERAL (ret) DAVID DEPTULA Chief Executive Officer, MAV6
“Big Data Analytics and Information Sharing”
MAJOR GENERAL (ret) JOHN CUSTER Director, Federal Strategic Missions and Programs, EMC
“Big Data Analytics and Data Storage”


“Large-Scale Data Analytics and the Intelligence Mission”
DR. SUZANNE YOAKUM-STOVER, Director, Institute for Modern Intelligence

“Big Data and Advanced Analytics – Applications and Capabilities”
MR. STEVE HAGAN, Vice President, Server Technologies, Oracle
• The Value of Big Data Technologies in Threat Identification, Situational Awareness, and Other Geospatially Intensive Applications
• Integrating Big Data Analytics with Spatial, Semantic and Traditional Business Intelligence Technologies
• How Engineered Systems Simplify the Creation and Configuration of Big Data Environments

“GEOINT Applications, Challenges, and Capabilities”
MR. CHRIS POWELL, Director, Geospatial Programs, NT Concepts

“Big Data Triage with Text Analytics”
MR. STEVE KEARNS, Director, Product Management, Basis Technology
• Problems with Legacy Approaches to Analytic Systems – Flexibility, Importability, Scalability, Information Sharing: Arriving at Actionable Intelligence in a Timely Manner
• Advanced Text Analytics – Entity Extraction, Entity Searching, Document Clustering, Near Duplicate Detection, Fact-Relationship-Event Extraction
• Combining Advanced Text Analytics with a Powerful Search Engine – Facilitating Information Discovery and Thematic Analysis Across a Variety of Sources and Languages

“VIRAT – Video Image Retrieval and Analysis Tool”
MR. ANTHONY HOOGS, Director, Computer Vision, Kitware, Inc.

“Leveraging Big Data and Cloud for Processing ISR Data”
MR. JP MORGENTHAL, Director, Video Analytics, Smartronix

III. Analytics and Applications for Biometrics and Identity Analysis

“Identity Analytics”
MR. JEFF JONAS, Chief Scientist, Entity Analytics Group, IBM

“Data Analytics and Biometrics”
MR. DALTON JONES, Senior Biometrics Executive, Identity Intelligence Project Office, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

“FBI Biometrics Initiatives”
DR. ERNEST REITH, Associate Executive Assistant Director, Science and Technology, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) (invited)

“Biometric Systems & Big Data”
MR. DAVID HAGAN, Biometric Solutions Chief Architect, Lockheed Martin Information Systems and Global Solutions (IS&GS)
• Impacts of Size/Scale • Handling Different Data Types/Formats • Other Considerations

“Biometrics Applications and Capabilities”
MR. ABEL SUSSMAN, Lead Associate, Biometrics, Booz Allen Hamilton
• Review of Biometrics and USG Large Biometric Applications
• Requirements for the Next Generation of Biometric Programs
• Cloud Computing Enhancements for Biometrics Programs

IV. Tools and Enabling Technologies

“Large Scale Analytics and Network Management”
DR. ROBERT BONNEAU, Senior Program Manager, Complex Networks, Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)

“Big Data and Atmospheric Analytics”
DR. MICHAEL FERRARI, Director, Atmospheric Analytics, Computer Sciences Corporation

“Unlocking Business Insights from Structured and Unstructured Data – Microsoft’s Big Data Solution”
MS. SUSIE ADAMS, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Federal
• How Big Data Differs from/Compliments Existing Business Intelligence Technologies
• Microsoft’s Big Data Strategy
• BD as a Service: Hadoop on Azure
• BD on Premise: Hadoop on Windows Server
• BDW – Integrating EDW and BD
• Interoperability with Hadoop Ecosystem
• Bringing Big Data to the Masses

“Do MORE with Your Data – Deep Analytics Using Big Data”
MR. STEPHEN BROBST, Chief Technical Officer, Teradata Corp.
• How to Extract Value from the Integration of Structured, Semi-Structured, and Unstructured Data
• Understand Emerging Sources of “Big” Data from Sensor Devices and Other Non-Traditional Data Streams
• Leveraging Emerging Programming Frameworks such as MapReduce
• How to Leverage Combinations of COTS (Commercial Off-the-Shelf) and Open Source Software Solutions

“Cloud Analytics to Enable the Mission – Lessons Learned from the Trenches”
MR. PETER GUERRA, Senior Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton
• Perspectives on Cloud Analytics in DoD, Military, and in Commercial Industry
• Cloud Analytics as an Enabler of Mission
• Security in Cloud Computing
• Case Study and Lessons Learned

“Big Data – Tools, Applications, and Processes”
MR. WILLIAM LAZZARO, Director of Engineering, Concurrent Computer Corporation
• Hadoop and Related Open Source Tools
• Machine Learning – Prediction, Recommendations and Forecasting
• The Role of the RDBMS
• The Value of Data Scientists

“Tools for Large-Scale Data Analytics”
MR. MARK GUITON, Director, Government Programs, Cray Research

“Open Source Tools for Large Scale Search, Discovery and Analytics”
MR. GRANT INGERSOLL, Chief Scientist, Lucid Imagination
• Much of “Big Data” Consists of Unstructured Content
• Understanding and Accessing this Content Often Requires a Multi-Faceted Approach of Ad Hoc Retrieval (Search), Discovery Mechanisms and Analytics to Understand Usage Patterns
• Used in Concert, Open Source Tools like Lucene, Solr, Mahout and other Hadoop Based Technologies Provide a Tremendous Opportunity to Reliably and Economically Scale Access and Understanding