Event Date/Time: May 15, 2012 End Date/Time: May 17, 2012
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I. Government Plans, Needs, and Initiatives

“Air Force Mobility Roadmap”
MR. FRANK KONIECZNY, Chief Technology Officer, US Air Force

“Future Wireless Networks”
DR. BRUCE FETTE, Program Manager, Strategic Technology Office, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

“Future Technical Challenges for Scalable & Dense Military Wireless Networks”
DR. PRESTON MARSHALL, Deputy Director, Computational Systems & Technology, Information Sciences Institute (ISI), Viterbi School of Engineering and former Program Manager, Wireless Network After Next (WNAN), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

“The DoD’s Planned Wireless Needs & Initiatives”
MR. MARK NORTON, Senior Engineer, Department of Defense (DoD) Chief Information Officer (CIO), OSD

“Reducing Network Architecture Complexity”
MR. MICHAEL EIXENBERG, Deputy Director, LandWarNet/Battle Command, Army G3/5/7, US Army

“Navy Wireless Needs and Initiatives”
MR. MICHAEL HERNON, Advisor, Telecommunications and Wireless Policy, Office of the Chief Information Officer, Department of the Navy (DON/CIO) [invited]

“DISA Wireless Initiatives”
MS. CINDY MORAN, SES, Director of Network Services, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) [invited]

“Army Wireless Needs & Initiatives”
DR. JEFFREY BOKSINER, Chief Engineer, Antennas & Spectrum Analysis Division, Research, Development & Engineering Command (RDECOM) Communications-Electronics Research, Development & Engineering Center (CERDEC) & Space & Terrestrial Communications Directorate (S&TCD), US Army

“FCC Licensing/Regulation of the Manufacture, Development & Testing of Military Communications Systems”
MR. JEFFREY RUMMEL, ESQ., Partner, Arent Fox LLP

II. Bringing Broadband to the Warfighter at the Tactical Edge

“Bringing Broadband to the Warfighter at the Tactical Edge”
MAJOR GENERAL (ret) DENNIS MORAN, Vice President, Government Business Development, RF Communications Division, Harris Corporation

“Connecting Soldiers to Digital Applications (CSDA) Pilot Project, Phase II”
MR. MICHAEL McCARTHY, Program Manager, Director of Operations, Mission Command Capabilities Division, Future Force Integration Directorate, U.S. Army [invited]

“Marine Corps Handheld C2 Initiatives”
CAPTAIN JOSH DIXON, USMC, Systems Engineer & Project Officer, Technology Transition Marine Corps Systems Command

“Tactical Smartphones and Bandwidth Augmentation”
MR. GARY ANDERSON, Senior Vice President, Rajant Corporation

III. Developing the Next Generation Mobile Wireless Network

“Experiments in Unified Capabilities – Harnessing Wireless Technologies for the USAF Base Level Enterprise”
COLONEL JOEL MARTIN, Chief, Innovation & Experimentation Division and Officer in Charge of Joint Expeditionary Force Experiment (JEFX), Air Force Command and Control Integration Center (AFC2IC)

“Implementing the Wireless Network after Next (WNaN)”
DR. JASON REDI, Senior Director, Raytheon BBN Technologies

“FBI Biometrics Initiatives”
DR. ERNEST REITH, Associate Executive Assistant Director, Science and Technology, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) (invited)

“Challenges to Integration of Wireless & Terrestrial Networks”
MR. TRACY ALLISON, Chief, Transformational Communications Engineering, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

“Command & Control On-the-Move (C2OTM) – Effort Update”
MR. KEN TESKE and MR. MIKE TISDEL, Command & Control on the Move Working Group, Joint Staff J8 and Special Operations Command – Joint Capabilities

“Robust Mobile Networking Technology for Military Applications”
DR. JAE KIM, Senior Technical Fellow, The Boeing Company

“BACN Current Operations & Future Plans”
MR. KEITH SMITH, Chief Engineer, Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN) Joint Urgent Operational Need (JUON) Program, Northrop Grumman Information Systems

“Developing WNaN Radios”
MR. J. P. LANTERI, Director, Advanced Programs & Technologies, Cobham Systems

“Next Generation Wireless Networks for the Warfighter”
MR. CLARK DeHAVEN, General Manager, Mobility Group, LTS Innovations

“The Navy’s Use of Wireless Technologies Ashore & Afloat”
MR. DAVID KLAIN, Vice President, Program Management, Ultra-3eTI

IV. Tactical Cognitive Radios and Networks

“Emerging Tactical Radios”
DR. ROBERT BONNEAU, Senior Program Manager, Complex Networks, Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)

“Big Data and Atmospheric Analytics”
DR. SHERIN S. KAMAL, Chief Scientist/Engineering, SAIC

“Managing Cognitive Networks with Policy Tools”
MR. JERRY SONNENBERG, Chief Engineer, Networks, Advanced Systems and Technology, Harris Government Communications System Division (GCSD)

“Big Data – Tools, Applications, and Processes”
MR. FRED FRANTZ, Director, NLECTC Communications Center of Excellence, L-3 Communications

“Cognitive Radio Solutions for Wireless Networks”
MR. RICK ROTONDO, Vice President, Marketing, xG Technology Inc.

“Emerging Wireless Technologies – How Smart & How Soon?”
MR. PERRY CORRELL, Senior Technologist, Xirrus

V. Developing the Next Generation Mobile Wireless Network

“An Assured Mobile Environment”
MR. GARY SCHLUCKBIER, Senior Manager, Secure Products Group, Motorola Solutions

“Proposed Security Architectures for Cellular Devices”
MR. TODD PRESSLEY, Director of Technology, Oceus Networks Inc.

“Alternative Spectrum Sharing Architectures & Approaches”
MR. PERRY CORRELL, Senior Technologist, Xirrus

“Emerging Wireless Technologies – How Smart & How Soon?”
DR. MARK McHENRY, President and Chief Technology Officer, Shared Spectrum Company

“Spectrum Challenges & Next Generation Wireless Solutions”
DR. DAVID COOPER, CCS, Technical Director, BAE Systems

“Mobile 4G Networks for Mobile Users”
MR. ALEX WATSON, Chief Technology Officer, BTS (Battlefield Telecommunications Systems)

“Laser Wireless Propagation Improvements through Weather”
LT. COLONEL (ret) ROBERT FLEISHAUER, Vice President of Atmospheric Sciences, Attochron LLC

“Applications & Uses of 3rd Generation Mobile Mesh Radio Technology for the Military”
MR. LaRUE BOYCE, Business Development, Mesh Dynamics