Peptide Chemistry Conference 2012

Venue: Riviera Maya

Location: Riviera Maya, Mexico

Event Date/Time: Nov 02, 2012 End Date/Time: Nov 06, 2012
Registration Date: Sep 13, 2012
Early Registration Date: Jun 02, 2012
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The interest of pharmaceutical companies for peptides is increasing enormously in the last decade. There are several reasons for that. In first place, the number of the so-called small molecules accepted for the corresponding agencies are declining. In this sense, pharmaceutical are looking more to biological based drugs. Furthermore, the advances in fields of formulation, drug delivery technology and chemical modifications, have rekindled the interest in peptides as APIs.
This would not be possible without the concurrence of strong peptide chemistry. The development of new resins for the solid-phase methodology, coupling reagents, orthogonal protecting groups, and synthetic strategies are being allowed the rapid and efficient synthesis of small and large peptides for research and, then, the multi-ton preparation of the API based peptides.
This Zing conference will be totally devoted into the last development on peptide chemistry. In addition to the parameters outlined above, the following topics will be discussed:

Synthesis of building blocks
use of microwave and other technologies
syntheses of foldamers, peptide conjugates, and peptides for nanotechnologies
preparation of peptide libraries
chemical ligation for protein synthesis
syntheses of complex cyclic peptide of natural origin and peptide mimetics
industrial synthesis of peptides