Mathematical and Computational Medicine Conference 2012

Venue: Riviera Maya

Location: Riviera Maya, Mexico

Event Date/Time: Dec 01, 2012 End Date/Time: Dec 05, 2012
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The purpose of the Zing Conference on Mathematical and Computational Medicine is to bring together eminent scholars with expertise in various fields of mathematical and computational medicine, as well as experimentalists and medical doctors interested in application of computational methods in clinical studies. The mathematical and computational medicine is now one of the most important and rapidly growing fields of modern medicine, and will become even more important in nearest future, when the cost of individual human gene sequencing becomes affordable for mass-scale clinical use (The $1000 Human Genome). New sequencing techniques, such as RNA-Seq produce enormous amount of information on the transcriptome in healthy and diseased cells, that need a development of new mathematical and computational methods to extract the most important medical information. The scope of the proposed Zing Conference will cover many different fields mathematical and computational medicine and biomedical informatics, such as genetics, genomics, epigenetics, and epigenomics of various diseases including mental and learning disorders, autism, and somatic diseases, with a special emphasis on cancer, protein misfolding disorders related to amyloid formation in neurogenerative diseases (such as Alzheimer?s and Parkinson?s disease), gene regulation, biomarker development, computer aided drug development, computational pharmacodynamics, computational immunology, systems biology and its extension to systems medicine, machine learning methods in application to biomedical data, applicability of computational methods in personalized medicine, and regenerative medicine.