Event Date/Time: May 10, 2012 End Date/Time: May 11, 2012
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Selected Highlights:

Connecting Science and Practice:

* Dr. Peter Stenn MD, Psychiatry and Sally Mintz-Levy M.A. – The Brain, PTSD and Substance Abuse Disorders
* Ally Jamieson MSW, PhD – The Biology and Psychology of Trauma

New ways to Look at Trauma:

* Little Brown Bear, I.C.A.D.C., Métis - Ancient Wisdom and New Perspectives
* Lt Col Stephane Grenier, Mental Health Commission of Canada - Challenging the Status Quo. Stephane is the creator of the Canadian military Peer Support program for PTSD.

Emotional Literacy in Education and Service Provision

* “The Algoma Model” – ( Multiple Presenters ) - Learning from the success of one region that embraced ‘Emotional Literacy’ in community agencies as well as school curriculum.
* Kevin Cutler, Ontario Ministry of Education – A Strengths-Based Approach In Dealing With Bullying and Applying Restorative Justice.
* Jacquie Lehman, Student - Emotional Literacy in real Time. Jacquie Lehman will share her personal experience with trauma; emotional literacy in the culture and curriculum of her high school and present curriculum that she development for grade 8 students.

Brain Injury – A significant portion of your clients have brain injury.

* Jane Topolovec-Vranic, PhD., Dr. Donna Outchterlony, MSW, RSW & Naomi Ennis - Shedding Light on Traumatic Brain Injury and Homelessness -- Includes a pre-conference survey for participants and an interactive workshop on creating education for service providers.
* Jeanette Holman-Price , VP Brain Injury Association of Canada – The Unseen Epidemic: A National and Personal Perspective.

Progressive Approaches

* Hannah Sherebrin - Stomp Clay, Create Tapestry of Resilience Hands-on experience combating Vicarious Trauma (VT)
* Ava Zaritskyi, RSW and Kathy Harris - Introduction to alternative therapies and the role of trauma, grief, and body work combined for an effective treatment.

In Addition,

o Contemporary Dance Piece ”Trapped in My Mind” choreographed by Katie Felix
o A visual exploration of ‘Trauma’ led by Deb Waddington, Artist.
o "Dedicated Listener" - Ann Morgan will take in the conference and reflect back during the last forum at the close of the event.

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