Transforming the Money: First International Social Transformation Conference Focal Topic: Energy: as (1ISTC)

Venue: Economic Department of Uniersity of Split

Location: Split, Croatia

Event Date/Time: Jul 10, 2012 End Date/Time: Jul 12, 2012
Abstract Submission Date: May 10, 2012
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The current economic crisis has renewed interest in the need for global monetary reform. Only
after the fundamental causes of systemic economic failures are eliminated will evolution towards a
sustainable and socially just global economy become feasible. But how should the monetary system be
reformed? What should new money be like, what purposes should it meet and what functions should it
The ultimate aim of the First International Social Transformation Conference on Energy Currency
is to place the study of alternative monetary systems within mainstream economic thinking and put
global monetary reform onto the political agenda. Distinguishing features of the conference are its
emphasis on discussion and adopting a multidisciplinary approach. The organizers hope this event
to become a major international platform for dialogue between specialists representing very different
backgrounds and perspectives, yet united by a common vision of the necessity and possibility of better
currency models. The main focus of the conference will be the relationship between the dynamics of
financial and energy flows and the feasibility of energy-related currencies.
However, all kinds of alternative currency models will be debated with equal interest and
attention. The organizers commit to use their networks of influence and media support to ensure that
the proceedings of the conference reach the highest political authorities, primarily – the European
Commission and a number of national financial ministries.
Invited speakers include leading alternative currency theoreticians as well as practitioners who
have designed and introduced complementary currencies currently in circulation, as well as their critics.

We invite the submission of papers on the following topics:
• Alternative monetary models
• Monetary theory
• Input-output models (embodied energy and water)
• Energy economics
• Sustainable money and sustainable economy
• Complementary currencies
• Ethics of financial relations
• Philosophy and culture of money

Submission deadline: 10th May 2012

Please submit your abstracts to:
All accepted papers will be included in the conference’s proceedings.
For any details please visit